Staying Safe

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​Planning on visiting the Championship Campus​? Find out how you can stay safe while having fun.

If You See Something, Say Something

This public awareness campaign was created to raise knowledge regarding criminal activity and possible terrorism-related crimes. The public should report any suspicious behavior and these types of situations immediately.

  • ​Unattended backpack left in a public space
  • Someone trying to break into a restricted area
  • Acquiring supplies:  When someone is purchasing, storing or stealing explosives, weapons or ammunition 
  • Elicitation:  Anyone attempting to gain information about a place, person or operation
  • Test of security:  This is usually conducted by driving by a potential target, moving into sensitive areas and observing the responses of security and law enforcement 
  • Surveillance:  A target area that will most likely be observed during the planning phase 

 When reporting suspicious activity remember to give the most accurate information possible. Information reporting may include the following:  

  • ​Brief description of the activity 
  • Date, time and location of the activity
  • Physical identifiers of anyone you observe
  • Description of vehicles (such as license plate, make, model)
  • Information about where the people involved in suspicious activities may have gone 
  • Your contact information (optional)  

If something has already happened or if you are concerned about something you have witnessed, contact the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) at  ​1-877-2SAVEAZ (1-877-272-8329).

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

​No unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) (also called drones) will be allowed in or above the downtown Phoenix ​airspace in accordance with federal law. This includes all remotely controlled aircraft, quad-copters, and drones for both recreational and commercial use.​