Event Endorsement Program

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The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture provides program endorsement to expand support of arts and cultural services beyond limited funding capacity of the Community Arts Grants Program. The endorsement:

  • Enables responsiveness to opportunities that present outside of the Grants Program timetable.
  • Supports grassroots, emerging and diverse arts opportunities that do not meet Grants Program eligibility requirements and category limitations.

If an endorsement is granted, the applicant will receive a Letter of support signed by the Executive Director of the Office of Arts and Culture that the applicant can use to raise funds and secure sponsorships and use the official City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Logo, through a limited License Agreement.


​To be eligible for consideration the applicant must be based in the City of Phoenix, the event/activity must be accessible to the general public, and the location of the event must be accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ineligible events include:

  • The event/activity has already received funding through the Community Arts Grants Program.
  • The organization and the event/activity are eligible for funding through the regular Community Arts Grants Program.


​Submit the application form at least six weeks before the event by sending it to sarah.leon@phoenix.gov at least six weeks prior to the event/activity.

Download the application

Consideration of the request will be based on the degree to which the event/activity and the applicant organization:

  • aligns with the goals and mission of the Office of Arts and Culture
  • provides an opportunity to engage new audiences or introduce new artistic/cultural services to Phoenix residents
  • represents a unique collaboration between creative sectors or industries

The request will be reviewed by Office of Arts and Culture staff. You will be contacted by staff for more more information about the requested activity.

 Reporting Requirements

​Within 14 days of the completion of the endorsed event/activity, the applicant must provide:

  • Documentation of logo placement (if applicable)
  • Total attendance at the event
  • Number of artists involved in the event/activity
  • Number of youth involved in the event/activity
  • Images or video documenting the event/activity