Phoenix Flash Grants Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Phoenix Flash Grants Program supports arts and cultural organizations, groups, and individual artists for specific projects within underinvested areas of Phoenix​.​

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​Anel E. Arriola, Grants and Programs Manager, 602-534-5084,

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Guidelines and Details


The Phoenix Flash Grants category is a new, pilot short-cycle grants program that provides funds of up to $3,500 for specific projects within underinvested areas of Phoenix. The program supports artist fees/expenses, production fees, and marketing expenses for arts and culture projects that engage Phoenix residents, including but not limited to, arts workshops, and pop-up performances.

For the pilot cycle, projects within Phoenix Council Districts 1, 3, and 5 will only be considered for funding.

Application submissions for the March 29 deadline should only include arts and cultural activities taking place between May 15, 2023, and September 30, 2023. See below for other upcoming PFG cycle dates.

Potential Future Cycles FY2023-2024

June 15, 2023 – July 15, 2023 AT 5:00 PM Arizona Time- For projects taking place between September 15, 2023 and December 31, 2023

September 15, 2023 – October 15, 2023 AT 5:00 PM Arizona Time- For projects taking place between December 15, 2023 and March 31, 2024

December 15, 2023 – January 15, 2024 AT 5:00 PM Arizona Time- For projects taking place between March 15, 2024 and June 30, 2024. 


  • Reduce the barrier to receiving grant support and bridge new applicants to the annual Community Arts Grants program and other opportunities and ​resources.

  • Invest in local artists, arts collectives, and organizations as they expand their practices and programs in underinvested areas of the city.

Application Timeline

​Feb. 15
​Guidelines published | Application opens
​Feb. 23 | Mar. 1 | Mar. 23
Feb. 27
​Orientation works​hops (English
Orientation workshop​ (Spanish)
​Feb. 21 – Mar. 24
​One-on-one application consultations with staff
​April 3 at 5 p.m. (EXTENDED)
​Application deadline

All sessions are held virtually via WebEx and are in Arizona Time. A recording will be available on the grants page 24 hours after each session is held.

Video one-on-one appointments and application consultations can be made with grants staff between February 21 and March 24, 2023.

Who can apply?​

To be eligible for the Phoenix Flash Grants program, applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • Have a connection or relationship to the area where the project is proposed to take place to ensure an authentic experience for the community​
  • Be based in the City of Phoenix AND have a City of Phoenix address OR be based in Maricopa County, producing an in-person cultural festival in Phoenix, and serve mainly Phoenix residents
  • Exist as aone of the following applicant types:
    • 501(c)3 organization (arts/culture or community-based)
    • K-12 school
    • Arts and culture LLC (with a prior income below $250,000)*
    • Arts collective* (an individual must be identified as primary applicant)
    • Youth group*
    • Individual artist or culture worker*
*Subject to grant being taxed as income if not applying with a fiscal sponsor who has 501(c)3 nonprofit tax-exempt status. 

Fiscal Sponsor

Applicants that do not have 501(c)3 status are eligible to apply for a tax-exempt project grant using a fiscal sponsor. For applicants who are having trouble finding a fiscal sponsor, two options are TAPAZ and Fractured Atlas. Any applicant with a fiscal sponsor must submit an MOU (memorandum of understanding) at the time of application, and the MOU must be signed by both parties. Fiscal sponsors do typically charge an administrative fee between 7% and 12% of the total grant award. Estimated fee should be included as a line item in the project budget. The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture does not accept applications submitted by fiscal agents. Please contact us with any questions you have about fiscal sponsorship​​.​


For the PFG pilot cycle, applicants can request between $1,000 and $3,500.

Applicants supported through this grant category receive merit-based awards, which are determined by the ranking a project receives in the panel review.

The PFG program does not fund:​​

  • Projects that receive direct project funding from other POAC grants or sponsorships within the same fiscal year.
  • Any division of local, state or federal government
  • Organizations outside of the City of Phoenix not producing a cultural festival
  • Applications submitted by for-profit entities
  • Schools, including public, private and charter not applying for a grant that serves youth.
  • Colleges and universities, other City of Phoenix departments, auxiliary/affiliate organizations, and organizations without a 501(c)3 and not utilizing a fiscal sponsor
  • Religious institutions or religious group-sponsored organizations not open to participation by non-congregants
  • Religious institutions or religious group-sponsored organizations whose primary purpose is the religious socialization of individuals or whose arts programming exists as parts of religious sermons or services
  • Debt reduction
  • Re-granting, unless permission is received
  • Grant administration, overhead or processing fees taken by an umbrella/parent organization as a percentage of the total award, except for fiscal sponsors
  • Lobbying expenses
  • Expenses related to the construction of facilities
  • Food and beverage for receptions and hospitality functions
  • Fundraising projects
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Staff salaries independent from the time allocated to project delivery
  • Capital investments (equipment and supplies that outlast the duration of the project)
  • The production or commission of public art not included in the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture's annual public art plan

Evaluation Criteria and Application Questions

Applications are reviewed and scored by City of Phoenix staff and technical assistance will be offered to all applicants throughout the process​. 


Evaluation Criterion (20 points)

The applicant clearly proposes project overarching details.​

Application questions:

  • Project title
  • Briefly describe the proposed project. (50 words)
  • Start and end dates (Funded project activities must take place between May 15 and September 30, 2023)
  • Project location
  • Describe in concrete terms your connection or relationship to the area where the project is proposed to take place. (100 words).
  • Amount requested (between $1,000 and $3,500)
  • Project Activity—Tell us what type of activities you will be doing in this project (Select all that apply): Festival, Exhibitions/Presentations (visual arts, media arts, design), Performances/readings, Art instruction (classes, demonstrations, lectures, and other instruction used to teach knowledge of and/or skills in the arts), Other (please specify) 

Community Sig​nificance

Evaluation Criteria (30 points)

The applicant identifies the primary beneficiary of the project; demonstrates an understanding of the project's meaning and importance to participants; has a plan to ensure project is accessible to diverse group of participants​.

Application questions:

  • Who is the audience that your project intends to engage directly? (Select all that apply): Children, Teens, Adults, Older Adults, General public, Families
  • Project intention – What you want the audience or participants to gain or experience from this project
  • What is your outreach and promotion plan? (300 words) 

Artistic and/or Cultural Value

Evaluation Criteria (30 points)
The applicant proposes a project with arts and culture as a primary experience; artists have an important role in the design and delivery of the project; support materials are evidence that the project can be completed as it's envisioned.

  • Highlight the artistic and/or cultural activities the public will be engaged in. (300 words)
  • List the artists and culture workers and describe their role and participation in the project. If you are an artist applicant and will be involved outside of planning, please include yourself and your project role. (300 words)
  • Upload project support materials (2-4 attachments and descriptions). Include samples of past and current work, past flyers, brochures, etc.  

Logistics and Feasibility

Evaluation Criteria (20 points)

The applicant has outlined a clear and plausible planning timeline; defines evaluation criteria of the success of the project; the budget is a reflection of the activities and is clear and organized.

  • Use the provided table to outline your project planning tasks and include estimated due dates.
    *These are the planning tasks and activities that happen before your event/project (300 words)
  • Attach a detailed project budget. Use the provided template​​.