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Hall of Mirrors​​



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ARTIST:   Bob Adams
DATE:   1996
LOCATION:  Phoenix Theatre Entrance, 100 East McDowell Road, 
TYPE:   Art Installation
MATERIALS:   Mirrors and LE​D Lighting
BUDGET:   $30,000
ZIP CODE:   ​85004​​​

Hall of Mirrors is inspired by the idea that to enter a theatre is to pass into a kind of magical space -- a place where time, thought and experience are transformed into something extraordinary.  Hall of Mirrors heralds this profound experience - one that is more real than simple reality, truer than surface truths.

The project consists of twenty convex mirrors set flush into the walls of the hallway entrance to the Phoenix Theatre and the Phoenix Art Museum.  The mirrors are placed directly across from each other and lit by twenty theatre spotlights.  By day, the mirrors function as distorting and multiplying lenses, transforming the images of passersby.  By night, the mirrors become gently glowing orbs, guiding patrons to the theatre and museum, while reflecting their presence.

The theatre spotlights can be fitted with color gels, patterns and even images to alter the appearance of the mirrors and add visual elements to the hallway.  In the process, the passageway becomes a reflection of the ideas and concepts of the works of art that lie beyond.