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FY2022-2027 Public Art Plan

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture works each year with many city departments, community groups and the Mayor and City Council to develop the annual public art plan. The Plan identifies and budgets public art projects citywide, and requires review and approval by the Arts and Culture Commission and the Phoenix City Council.

The Public Art Plan includes the following types of projects:

1.    Design Teams – artists work with engineers, landscape architects and architects to develop major construction projects, such as recycling facilities, freeway bridges, streetscape improvements, airport and transit facilities.

2.    Site-Specific Commissions - artists design and fabricate works or enhancements to suit specific locations.

3.    Temporary Commissions – artists create works or installations to be viewed for a limited time at select public sites.

4.    Purchase of Existing Artwork – works are purchased for display as part of the city's permanent collection of portable art, which was begun in 1915.

5.    Master Planning – short- and long-range plans are developed to integrate art into specific public programs and initiatives, such as aviation, public works and water capital improvement programs.

6.    Artwork Refurbishment – existing artworks sometimes need significant repairs or retrofits to remain in good condition or adjust to changes to their original site. These modifications go beyond routine artwork maintenance activities.

​Mapping the City

Phoenix uses a GIS mapping system to see the "big picture" of the city's Capital Improvement Program. By mapping the public buildings and systems that Phoenix plans to build – streets, water, wastewater, storm sewers, public works, parks, transit and more – public art planners can see where new construction and investment offer opportunities for integrated design, and how public funds can be combined to connect projects. This maximizes the visibility, efficiency and benefits of city public art investments. ​​​​​

​​​​CaFE Application Demonstration

​This video below will guide you through the basic steps of submitting an application to an RFQ using the Call for Entry system. ​

Guide to Public Art

This guide​ was developed by the staff of the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program in response to the most frequently asked questions about the program. This guide is intended as a resource only.* The information provided here has been obtained by the staff of the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, other City departments, and - most importantly - from artists who have successfully completed public art commissions. (2019 Updates coming soon!)


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