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Please visit the Arizona Commission on the Arts for statewide opportunities.

Fry’s Food Stores/Kroger Company Mural:
Request for Qualifications 

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, in partnership with Fry’s Food Stores, a division of the Kroger Company, is seeking one professional artist to create an indoor mural for a new Fry’s grocery store in downtown Phoenix. The mural will be prominently displayed inside the store as part of the Kroger Company’s commitment to involving artists in beautifying new stores in Arizona and throughout the nation. The artwork will be expected to celebrate the unique spirit and identity of the store’s downtown community and surroundings. The mural will be approximately 12 feet wide by 10 feet high, and must be painted on durable panels that can be attached to the wall. 

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to professional visual artists living in Maricopa County who specialize in painting, and have the ability to create an exemplary largescale mural. Artists who have previously received Fry's mural commissions are not eligible to apply for this one. 

Applicants to this project may also be considered for additional art in private development opportunities involving the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture in the next two years. Project Budget: $10,000 will be awarded for this commission. This amount includes all artist fees, including mural design, fabrication, materials, installation, insurance, transportation and project coordination. 

Finalist Honoraria: Up to three artists from the applicant pool will be selected to prepare a design/drawing of the proposed murals. They will be paid $300 for their proposals. 

Estimated Schedule: • Submissions Due: March 1, 2019 • Finalists Notified: March 15, 2019 • Proposal Design/Drawing Due: April 19, 2019 • Finalist Chosen & notified: May 13, 2019 • Mural installation August 30, 2019 

Requirements and Deadlines for Submitting a Response to Call 
RFQ Deadline:  Friday, March 1st, 2019, 11:59 p.m. (MST) 
 Submissions will be accepted via CaFÉ at http://www.callforentry.org.  No e-mailed, mailed, or hardcopy submissions will be accepted.  

To be considered for this commission opportunity, artists must create a free account on the CaFE website and follow the directions to submit the following via the online application form: 

1. A one paragraph statement of interest, including any past design team experience and how you have worked to develop past projects. Maximum 1000 characters.

2. Email and phone contacts for three professional references. If selected as a finalist, your references will be contacted before the final interview.

3. A current resume that is no more than 3 pages and in no less than 10-point font. 

4. Upload up to ten digital images documenting previously completed artwork.  
• Digital images must be JPEG or JPG only • 1200 pixels or greater on longest side. Anything larger than 1200 px will be resized to fit the limitations.  • File Size: under 5 MB • Do not include more than one image in each JPEG • Do not superimpose your name, logo, or any other identifying characteristic on the JPEGs.  • With each image please include: title, dimensions (H x W x D), date of completion, estimated budget and brief description of the artwork. List must identify artist’s role if the project involved a team effort.  

Questions about the project or submittal should be directed to Barry Sparkman via email (Barry.sparkman@phoenix.gov) or phone (602-495-0893). 
DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to retain a complete copy of their application for their records.  Late applications will not be considered.