​​​​​​​​​Cesar Chavez Branch Library

Infinite Possibilities​​



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ARTIST:   Ann Weber
DATE:   2007
LOCATION:  Cesar Chavez Branch Library, 3635 W Baseline Rd
TYPE:   Sculpture
BUDGET:   $104,000
ZIP CODE:   ​85339​

Artist Ann Weber (CA) was commissioned by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, using Library Percent for Art funds, to create a free-standing bronze sculpture for the entrance of the new Cesar Chavez Library, located in Cesar Chavez Park.  

Ann Weber worked with the Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program, the Library Department and the project team to design this unique work of art. The sculpture consists of two forms that suggest giant mesquite seeds mounted nose to nose. The large star-like form between them symbolizes the explosion of bright possibilities produced by the pursuit of knowledge. 

The artist designed the rounded organic forms to contrast the angular form of Les Wallach’s striking design of the library.  This contrast, said Weber, represents the enriching balance of forces – hard edges against soft – that life demands.

​To highlight the beauty of mundane materials, Weber interlaced and stapled together flat strips of cardboard to create the model for the sculpture. The model was then cast into bronze. The process, said Weber,  was “almost like turning straw into gold, but it is still possible to see its humble begnnings, reminding one not to judge a book by its cover”​