​​​​​Herberger Theatre Center

A Layering of Worlds​​



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ARTIST:   Brower Hatcher​
DATE:   1993
LOCATION:  Herberger Theater Center, 3rd and Monroe Streets
TYPE:   Sculpture
MATERIALS:   Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminum
BUDGET:   $106,500
ZIP CODE:   ​ 85004​

Brower Hatcher's 20 foot high sculpture serves as an eastern gateway to the Herberger Theater.  The work consists of an arch made from a sophisticated network of painted stainless steel grids.  Bronze and aluminum sculpted objects relating to the history and culture of the Phoenix area, as well as symbols and imagery of the theater, space and technology are suspended in the arch's delicate steel network.

The arch is anchored on each side by two 8 foot high bases fabricated by the Arizona contracting firm, Reddington and Nail.  Each base is made up of four concrete piers architecturally referencing the columns that form the Herberger facade.  The bases create a shaded enclosure enabling viewers to stand beneath the sculpture