​​​​​​​​​McDowell Gateway​​​​​



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ARTIST:   Michele Stuhl
DATE:   1991
LOCATION:  McDowell Road, near 17th Street
TYPE:   Sculpture
MATERIALS:   Steel and Enamel Paint
BUDGET:   $47,500
DISTRICT:   4 & 8
ZIP CODE:   ​85006

​The artist worked closely with the East McDowell Civic Association to create a “gateway” arch to span across McDowell Road. The vertical elements of the arch are installed into the landscaped right-of-way between the sidewalk and the curb on the north and south sides of McDowell.  The arch will be enhanced with direct lighting at night, to draw attention to the arch as a neighborhood identity landmark for businesses along McDowell Road.  The design of the arch refers to the cityscape of buildings in the area.  The top of the arch is an abstract of a picket fence.  It is made of structurally reinforced steel and has been finished with a white enamel paint.  The arch was fabricated in Phoenix.