​​​​​​​​Phoenix Convention Center

Night Blooming Garden​​



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ARTIST:   Beliz Brother​
DATE:   2008
LOCATION:  Phoenix Convention Center North and West Buildings
TYPE:   Sculpture
ZIP CODE:   ​85004

​Like the night-blooming cereus flower, this piece of artwork only appears after dark. Set flush into the ground-level concrete sidewalks as well as on the building, a series of 144 green and blue LED lights are arranged in arcs, giving the area a subtle, colorful glow. In addition, these gently influence pedestrian movement and guide people into the Phoenix Convention Center.

Beliz Brother has designed an artwork titled “Night Blooming Garden” which relies on light as a means to create an experience. The work is a series of lights embedded in the sidewalks and plazas of the Civic Center and is comprised of blue and green LED runway lights that will be set flush into the ground along the streets and pedestrian corridors around the Phoenix Convention Center.  The grand scale of the sculpture reflects the magnitude of the building while maintaining a very human level experience.  It provides a physical interaction that draws visitors into and through the site by using intricate designs and patterns of metaphorical light.  They suggest a method of integrating the sculpture into the pattern of oblique lines and desert landscape that form the rational for the architectural concept.  The sculpture works with the architecture and urban design to enhance the patterns, pathways, entrances and exits that knit together the fabric of the city. Interspersed amongst the other elements of the plaza and gardens, the lines of the sculpture form an organic response to the linear patterns of the architecture. 

​The inspiration for the light pattern is drawn in response to the same natural phenomenon of the region that inspires the form of the buildings.  Two patterns are created by the lights, both of which reference organic forms. The green sidelights that engage the pedestrian at street level are fragments of the night blooming cereus flower.  The blue lights that shine into the sky suggest the course of a river, wide at the open gathering space at Third & Monroe, slow moving, then gathering speed as the river of lights move through the fragments of the canyon forms of the pyramidal skylights. The sculpture is an experience of light and color, an artwork that is both visible from a distance and close at hand.