​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rio del Rey Bridge

South Mountain Loop 202



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​ARTIST:  Jody Pinto
ARCHITECT: Keith Crawford
LIGHTING DESIGN: Don Happ, DH Lighting Solutions
ENGINEER: Connect 202 Team
ART FABRICATOR: Magnum Companies
BRIDGE FABRICATOR: Stinger Bridge and Iron
DATE:  2021
LOCATION:  South Mountain Loop 202 Pedestrian Bridge at Elwood
TYPE:  Bridge
MATERIALS:  Concrete, steel, perforated aluminum, polycarbonate panels and lighting
BUDGET:  $2.1 Million
ZIP CODE:  85043

Artist Jody Pinto worked with architect Keith Crawford and the Connect 202 team to design this dazzling landmark bridge across the Laveen portion of the Loop 202 freeway at W. Elwood Street. The nearly 400 foot span provides a safe route between residential neighborhoods east of the freeway and schools on the west The 22 mile South Mountain segment of the Loop 202 added a route around central Phoenix for travelers on Interstate 10. Pinto worked closely with Magnum Companies, a Phoenix fabricator to select materials that convey extraordinary plays of light and colors during the day. In addition to creating a polka dot world of shadows, the bridge's perforated aluminum cladding maximizes the flow of cooling air into the bridge's shaded walkway. Polycarbonate panels in the ceiling splash color throughout the bridge interior during the day. From dusk to dawn the bridge glows the cool blue light of a full moon in the desert.

The bridge was developed by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program and Phoenix Street Transportation Department, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation and Connect 202 Partners.