​​​​​​​​​​Ruins of Light​​



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ARTIST:  Jim Campbell
DATE:  1992
LOCATION:  Originally commissioned and installed at the new America West Arena, 201 E. Jefferson (since renamed Talking Stick Resort Arena) the work was removed in 2002, when a renovation significantly altered the arena atrium. The work is currently in storage. 
TYPE:  Sculpture
MATERIAL:  Video monitors, computers, metal, video, electronics, cameras
BUDGET:  $195,000
ZIP CODE:  85003

​Jim Campbell's interactive work, Ruins of Light, consists of four stainless steel columns containing five 32" video monitors each, located in the central food court at America West Arena.  Campbell, an engineer as well as an artist, developed the computer software that operates the artwork.  The artwork is programmed to unique sequences of imagery every day of the year.  Each column also houses a discreet video camera that literally “captures" the viewer., making them an integral part of the experience of the artwork.  Images of the viewer are superimposed with the images on the monitors which include among others sports, saguaro cactus, and historic sculptures.  Selected images of the viewer are “frozen" in time on the monitors, allowing the viewer to see himself or herself simultaneously at varying points in the immediate past.