​​​​​​​Wall Cycle to Ocotillo
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ARTIST:            Mags Harries and Lajos Heder (Harries/Heder Collaborative, MA; The Planning Center, AZ)
DATE:                 1992
LOCATION:      Residential areas along SR51, from Brill (just south of McDowell Rd.) to Ocotillo (just south of Glendale Ave.)
TYPE:                  Streetscape
MATERIALS:    Polychromed Concrete and painted steel
BUDGET:           $474,000
ZIP CODE:         85016 & 85006
DISTRICTS:      4, 6, 8 (formerly 4, 6, 7 & 8)

​The project includes 20 art sites with a total of 35 sculptural pieces.

The artwork is dispersed along a landscaped bicycle path through residential areas adjacent to SR51 over approximately a five-mile corridor that begins to the south at Brill and extends north to Ocotillo, just south of Glendale Avenue.  All of the sculptures take the form of vessels.  According to the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American Art, "Vessels have special significance in the Southwest as containers of water and special planting environments in the arid climate.  The form is also universal, with a history of simple function and high art, a part of domestic life as well as monumental architecture and a common denominator of cultures, including European, African and Native American traditions." 

The pieces are constructed primarily of polychromed concrete and painted steel. More than half of the project budget for fabrication was spent in Arizona and the designs on individual vessels were created by Arizona artists.  Individual pieces range in size from two to just over fifteen feet.  The vessels take on many forms: seating niches, gazebos, rest stops by the canals, neighborhood guardian vessels, free standing giant vases and teapots and a hummingbird garden.  Several smaller vessels adorn the top of one section of noise mitigation wall near Bethany Home Road.  The vessels are unique markers for the neighborhoods and serve as rest areas along the extensive bike trails along both sides of the freeway.  Varied special planting, seating, and pavers are integrated with the vessels to make them more inviting places.  The completed project has earned awards including a Valley Forward Award in 1992 and a 1992 Arizona Best Award from the Arizona Republic.