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Financial Excellence. The Budget & Research Department is committed to maintaining a fiscally sound and sustainable financial plan and budget that reflects community values and resident priorities.

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2021-22 City of Phoenix 

Adop​ted Budget​​​​

Phoenix City Charter requires a balanced budget each year. The final 2021-22 balanced b​​udget was approved by City Council on June 16 and the Property Tax Adoption was approved July 1.​

Community input was a valuable part of the budget process. Click here to watch the budget hearing videos and view community feedback.​​

​Budget Calendar



FundPHX digital ad 

Fund​PHX is an online tool that was launched in January 2020 designed to educate and engage the public in the City's annual budget process. The tool is available with the 2021-22 adopted budget in both English and Spanish and gives residents an opportunity to try their hand at balancing the City's $1.6 billion General Fund operating budget. It ​​also allow residents to provide feedback on current funding levels and share community priorities with staff. Information collected in the tool from residents will be shared regularly with City Council so it can help guide development of the 2022-23 operating budget.

Use the Playlist menu (upper left corner of video) to watch a specific Budget Hearing video.

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  • Maintain high bond ratings
  • Prioritize funding plans for critical infrastructure
  • Provide accurate and reliable forecasting
  • Maintain a transparent financial environment


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  • Expand community engagement effort to involve and educate the public on the budget process.  
  • Continue to improve economic forecasting by consulting with UofA which coordinates the State Forecasting Project.

Budget Timeline


August-February: Revenue and expenditure estimates are updated.

April: Public budget hearings are held and input is provided to Council.

May: City Manager's Budget presented and Council provides policy guidance.

June: Tentative and Final budgets are presented to Council and the 5-year Capital Improvement Program is adopted.

July: Council adopts the property tax rates and property tax levies specified in the budget. ​​​​

Budget Ordinances, Summary Schedules & State Forms

Estimate of Revenue & Expenses (State Forms)

Budget Guide

Learn how City operations are funded and how tax dollars are spent. Explore all the City programs and services.     

Community Budget Guide (English PDF)Community Budget Guide (Spanish PDF)Citywide Inventory of Programs (PDF)

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