Helpful Search Tips

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All Public Record documents on this page can be found by using the Document ID number (if available), and choosing the "To Search by Doc ID" feature. Be sure to click the white check box and use only the numeric portion of the ID number. Do not use the prefix letters, such as G, S or RCA.

Documents are also searchable by using KEYWORDS (indexed from the subject matter of the document being searched).  Be sure to check the document type box and utilize the date range settings. If you are wanting to conduct a multiple document search, check the boxes that you need or select all. When the results page displays, you have the ability to sort the columns to better refine your search. To return to the main search page, close the tab or click on the 'Public Records Search' link in the gray bar and return to a fresh page.

A KEYWORDS example: If you are looking for council action (RCA) on a recently approved zoning case [select date], keywords may be: developer name, owner name, business name; cross street, or actual street address; project or zoning case number. When searching by case number, you can use either spaces or dashes between the numbers (i.e. Z-106-05-6 or Z 106 05 6). Street names might be abbreviated as follows: 200 West Washington Street to 200 W Washington St.

All Meeting Minutes can be searched based on subject matter using keywords, except Formal and Recessed meetings. For example: Use the name of the public body along with the meeting date using the date range settings. For Council minutes, enter the type of meeting for which you are seeking minutes, such as Formal, Recessed, Zoning Hearing, Policy, Consent, or Work Study and use the date range for Council date.

Get additional search & general information click the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Further assistance on the Public Records Search page is available by contacting the City Clerk Department at 602-262-6811.