Phoenix Team Strategic Plan

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As the organization becomes leaner and continues to face increasing pressures for improved results, it becomes even more critical for a heightened connection between employees and their work, their organization, and the people they work for and with. Methods for motivating employees must be updated to keep employees engaged and retained within the organization. Additionally, traditional means of communication may no longer be adequate to convey critical information to both employees and the public.


Establish pay and benefits and a workplace culture that attracts, retains and motivates a highly qualified workforce. 

Given the current state of the economy, the community has expressed interest in the current salary, benefits and overall compensation packages for government employees.


  • Conduct a study of current industry and professional pay levels and compensation practices by benchmarking other organizations.
  • Explore alternate pay and benefit options.
  • Actively seek out a diverse and talented pool of candidates who possess the values and skills consistent with organizational goals.

Provide a workplace culture that supports the health, productivity and efficiency of employees. 

The City of Phoenix understands that organizational success depends on a healthy, productive and efficient workplace and workforce.  Employees also recognize that they can improve their lives by taking charge of their own health and making greater use of technology to ease ever increasing work demands.


  • Analyze and evaluate employee and retiree health care benefit options.
  • Create Citywide programs focusing on increasing employees’ capacity to manage their own wellness and health care.
  • Recommend technology uses for greater access to current credible data to make informed decisions and improve work responsiveness.
  • Engage policy makers and senior executives in a unified, on-going cultural shift toward improving wellness productivity initiatives citywide.

Establish Communications Plans to engage and inform employees and the community. 

The City’s recent budget challenges have made evident the necessity of providing clear, timely, and accurate information to employees and the public to garner continued support for and achievement of organizational goals and continued quality services.


  • Develop and implement comprehensive internal communications to increase understanding and connection to City of Phoenix goals and values among employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Promote more interdepartmental communication to increase consistency of messages, ensure faster decision making, empowerment, effectiveness and accountability.
  • Create an alliance of understanding between employees and the public, through a variety of media formats, to accurately demonstrate and communicate the City’s efforts in running a world-class operation.
  • Use new technologies, such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media, to reach employees and the public.
  • Develop opportunities to “showcase” improvements, accomplishments, and quality programs provided by employees that benefit the community.

Create development opportunities that enhance the City’s standing as a high-performing organization.

 The City continues to reduce unnecessary hierarchy to improve efficiencies and speed communication and decision making. This has resulted in a flatter organization, increases in span of control, and consequently fewer promotional opportunities. Further, an increasing number of employees are leaving the City as they reach retirement eligibility. As a result, it becomes even more critical to manage and coordinate the available human resources effectively to provide leadership and ongoing quality services to the community.


  • Analyze and develop a reward and recognition program that supports the organization’s goal to attract and retain top talent.
  • Establish methods for capturing organizational knowledge and expertise through workforce planning efforts.
  • Recommend professional development and training opportunities that reflect the key values of the organization.

Mobilize and leverage community partnerships and volunteer programs to enhance programs and services. 

The City continues to make difficult choices regarding programs and services to our customers in light of revenue stream uncertainty. Additionally, the community has expressed interest in assisting the City in continuing to provide quality services to residents in a variety of areas.



  • Coordinate a citywide program that increases exposure to volunteer opportunities throughout the City of Phoenix.
  • Use new technology to recruit, schedule, recognize and report on volunteers and their impact.
  • Identify and engage with community and corporate partners to develop quality programs and services that can address the community’s greatest needs.
  • Explore and capitalize on opportunities to work with outside agencies to pool resources, share information and manage an increased number of volunteer projects.
  • Work with city departments to identify new ways to engage volunteers in support of City services.
  • Identify and implement a volunteer recognition program.