Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Change for Phoenix?

Change for Phoenix is a fund that was established as a result of input from residents during the 2009 community budget hearings. The purpose of the fund is to increase revenue to support important programs. Change for Phoenix allows residents to donate money to the city’s general fund or other city programs to provide financial assistance during the downturn in the economy.

Are there minimum or maximum dollar amounts a person can donate?

No. You can donate any amount you wish.

How can I receive information about programs or departments in which I can donate?

Please visit city departments to view a list of departments and the programs they support.

Can a single donation be allocated to more than one city department or program?

Yes. If you choose to donate to more than one area, please designate your preferences on your check.

Can I donate property or volunteer my services in lieu of money?

The Change for Phoenix Fund can only accept monetary donations. However, if you’d like to volunteer with the city, call 602-495-0314 or visit volunteer opportunities for more information.

Can campaign donations be made to elected officials through the Change for Phoenix Fund?

No. Donations to Change for Phoenix will go to the general fund or designated program. If you’d like to make campaign donations, you can donate directly to the elected official’s campaign fund.

I’d like to ensure that the Phoenix Afterschool Center (PAC) program my child attends is preserved. Can I donate funds specifically for that purpose?

Contributions for specific purposes in which the donor benefits directly may not be tax deductible and per policy of the program will not be accepted. However, donors may contribute to the city’s general fund or to a general program or department.

Will my contribution be tax deductible?

The entire amount of the contribution would be tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law, as long as the donor does not receive any goods or services in return. Please consult your tax professional on this matter.

Will I receive proof of my contribution for tax purposes?

Yes. We will send you a thank you letter confirming the amount of your donation for tax purposes.

Is my donation public information?

If you would like your Change for Phoenix contribution to remain anonymous, please let us know when you make your donation and to the extent permitted by law, the city will attempt to honor your request. Otherwise, your name and amount of your contribution may be disclosed in response to a public records request.

How can I donate to Change for Phoenix?

Make your check payable to: “City of Phoenix - Change for Phoenix Fund”

In the memo line on your check, please indicate how you’d like to designate your donation, for example “general fund” or the specific name of the program or department, e.g. “Family Advocacy Center.”

Mail to:

City of Phoenix
City Treasurer
251 W. Washington St., 9th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Please include your name and address with your donation. If you do not make a designation on your check, the funds will be deposited in the general fund.