Etax - Payments

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1. Q: What does ACH stand for and what does it do?
ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. This is also known as an e-check, where you authorize Phoenix to request funds to be directly withdrawn from an account with your designated financial institution.


2. Q: What fees can I pay using ACH?
You may use the ACH payment option for any outstanding Phoenix tax, liquor or regulatory license fee, penalty, and/or interest owed.


3. Q: How do I pay by credit card?
We do not accept payment by credit card.


4. Q: How do I pay my liabilities online?
Login to your account and select "Pay." Select the dues you want to pay and follow the on-screen instructions. Under the one-time ACH payment, you may pay license fees, taxes due or other liabilities for the tax periods checked. Your bank account information will not be stored; this will need to be re-entered each time you make a payment online.


5. Q: What is the City of Phoenix Company ID number?
A: Company ID number is 2900018580. This number is used when you have a safety filter on your bank account to only authorize ACH payments for particular businesses.


6. Q: I just paid my tax/fee balance. Why does it still show that it is due?
It takes at least 24 hours for the bank to process your payment and the payment information to post against the balance paid and be reflected on your account.


7. Q: How do I submit payment for a return that I am filing?
Immediately after completing the return online, a receipt generates. A window will appear asking whether you would like to make a "One Time Payment" against the tax return balance or if you are "Done." If you would like to pay the return right away, please click "One Time Payment." If you do NOT click this button at this time, you will have to return to the website at least 24 hours later, login and go to the "Pay" option. A minimum of 24 hours is needed for processing the return in our tax system.


8. Q: What happens if I file my return but don't pay it at the time of filing it but I want to make a payment at the end of the month?
Login and select the "Pay" option. Only listed balances can be paid. If your return does not appear, it is still being processed. If it has been 15 days since you filed the return and it still does not appear in the "Pay" screen or "Summary of Account Activity," contact us. Please include the confirmation number displayed on your tax return receipt.


9. Q: I made a payment on the wrong account; what do I do?
Please submit a transfer of payment request to Tax Accounting by email at or phone at 602-262-6785, option 6. Include the details of the incorrect payment such as account number, payment amount, payment date, and tax period and provide these same details for where you would like the payment transferred to.


10. Q: What is the receipt date cutoff time for submitting a payment/return?
Any payment or return submitted by 11:59 p.m. MST will be given credit for that business day for penalty and interest purposes; the effective date will appear on your on-line receipt. Please print your receipt as proof of filing/payment. Please also be aware that you will not see transactions post immediately as it will take at least 24 hours to process and appear on your account.


11. Q: I have steady rental income each month. Can I pay my tax return in advance?
Yes, the option of filing tax returns for periods up to 12 months in the future is available. Please file the tax periods you wish to pay/file in advance. Select the one-time payment option immediately following filing your return.


12. Q: Can I pay for license fees in advance?
No, since fees are billed at set times during the year and only billed fees may be paid online, a user may not pay their annual license fees or liquor/regulatory fees before they are billed.


13. Q: Can I make a partial payment for tax or license fees?
No, online payments must be made for the entire individual period balance due. For example, if you owe tax, penalty and interest for a particular tax return period, you cannot choose to pay the tax only. If you would like to make a partial payment, you may submit funds in person or by mail with your statement.


14. Q: How can I save my bank information?
We are offering one-time payment only at this time. You are unable to save your bank information. For each payment made online, you will need to enter your bank account number and routing number.


15. Q: I have paid for a liability but it still shows as due. What do I do?
A: It takes at least 24 hours to confirm availability of funds and update your account. If more time has passed, contact us with your confirmation ID, account number, tax period, and amount paid.