Etax - Returns

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1. Q: How do I file a tax return?
Login and select "File Returns."

a. Pick the applicable tax period from the drop-down list and click "Select." You will be taken to the return screen.

b. Chose a return type. Select "Original" if this is the first return that you are filing on the selected period or "Amended" if you want to correct/replace a previously filed return.

c. Enter your gross receipts for each applicable "Business Description."

d. Click in the deduction box under each applicable business description to bring up Schedule A. Complete Schedule A to itemize your deductions. Total deductions, net taxable and tax due will automatically calculate and appear.

e. To self-report excess city tax collected, please click on the box labeled excess tax to display Schedule C.

f. If the return you are filing is late and you would like to estimate penalties and interest, please click "Compute." A popup will display the estimated penalty and interest. You have the option to include this in the total amount due and pay it.

g. Credits may be entered on Schedule B by clicking in the box labeled credits. Please note that the value you enter cannot exceed the tax due for the applicable ST Code or be a negative value. If the credit is not valid, you will be billed for any resulting balance, including penalty and interest, if applicable.

-Account Credit Balance(please verify credit is valid)

-Speculative Builder credit(applicable to ST Code 32 -Speculative Builder and 42-Owner Builder only)

h. Once you are satisfied that the information entered is correct, please check the statement and click "Submit". A receipt will generate. Please print the receipt and retain for your records.


2. Q: I have no gross receipts; how do I file a "zero" return?
Login and select "File Returns." Select the relevant tax period from the drop-down list. Select the return type, certify the statement by checking the box at the bottom of the screen and click "Submit." Your return will be filed as a zero if no values are entered.


3. Q: I filed my return incorrectly; how do I correct it?
You may amend a return for any period listed in the drop-down list after clicking the return option. Please provide a reason for amending the return and select a return type of amended.


4. Q: Can I file multiple return periods and pay the necessary amount due online?
Yes, you may file and submit online payments for each return filed. After a return is submitted, you have the option to pay the return just submitted. You must separately pay each return under this option or you may return later (allow at least 24 hours for processing of the returns) and submit a single payment for the return balances due.


5. Q: Can I file and pay for an amended return online?
Yes, you can submit amended return transactions. However, if you are amending a return where additional tax will be due, please wait 24 hours for the amended return transaction to be processed as you may not make partial payments online. By waiting for the amended return transaction to fully process in our system you would be assured any resulting balance would reflect online.


6. Q: I filed a return under the wrong account number; how do I fix it?
You will need to amend the return on the account number that was used in error as well as file these figures under a return for the intended account.


7. Q: How do I print my tax return?
e-Tax and License Services users will use the online form to file taxes rather than a tax return. Please print the receipt that appears after you submit a return. It contains a confirmation number that is unique to the information you entered and provides the details of your online return. Retain this in your records as proof of filing.


8. Q: I am unable to file a negative deduction or gross sales/net taxable sales but have in the past on paper returns; why is this?
It is incorrect to take a negative deduction or file a negative gross sales amount. e-Tax and License Services includes a validation that will not accept returns under these scenarios. If you are attempting to claim a deduction or decrease gross sales where the initial reporting occurred in a prior month, the proper way to handle this is to amend down gross sales or increase the applicable deduction in that month rather than to adjust figures in the current reporting month.


9. Q: I am filing my return late. Will e-Tax and License Services calculate my penalty and interest for me?
Yes; you may have penalty and interest calculated by clicking the "Compute" button on the return screen. A popup will display with the estimated penalty and interest. You have the option of paying the amount shown. Click "OK" to have it included in your total due or click "Cancel" to be billed later.


10. Q: I want to use a credit on my tax return; how do I do this?
Once in the return screen, please click in the box corresponding to the row labeled "Credit Balance To Be Applied (From Schedule B)." Schedule B will display as a pop-up window. You may enter a value up to the tax amount due. The entered credit value will reduce the total balance due on the return. Please ensure that you type in a valid credit amount. If the credit amount entered is not a valid amount, your balance will be underpaid and will be subject to penalty and interest if not paid in full by the due date.


11. Q: I want to stop receiving a paper return; how do I do this?

A: To stop receiving paper returns, log into the etax system with your existing user ID and password. Select the Account Update Tab. At the bottom of the Account Update screen is a checkbox with the words: "Check here to stop paper returns".

Click this checkbox and then hit the SUBMIT button. You will receive a confirmation number. The change will take 24 hours to process. When you log into etax the following day, you will see that the checkbox remains marked. A hard copy paper return will no longer be mailed to you.