Candle Safety

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A Candle Meant To Decorate . . .

Can Devastate!
Recent trends involving the decoration of candles as well as decorating with candles could bring disaster to your home. While they can enhance the mood and bring warmth to a room, candles must be used properly to prevent a fire in your home.

Make sure that candles are secured in stable non-flammable holders, such as metal, ceramic, or glass. Anything made of wood or decorated with dried materials or fabric is asking for trouble. A candle should never be used without some sort of holder; otherwise, it can burn down to the surface on which it stands.

Keep candles away from flammable materials including papers, towels, and silk and dried flower arrangements. Keep in mind that curtains can drift across a candle flame and ignite.

Whenever children are in your home, keep candles and matches out of their reach. Never leave a child unsupervised in a room with a lighted candle.

Don't leave any candle unattended. If you must leave the room, extinguish all candles; that way, you'll be saving them for the times you will be there to enjoy them!

The BEST way to fight fires is to prevent them from starting in the first place!