How To Get Involved

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There are a variety of ways to get involved in the legislative process. The most effective way to make your voice heard on a particular issue is to contact your state legislator, either by calling his/her office or sending an email. You can also attend a legislative committee hearing and testify on a bill.

Calling Your Legislator
When calling your legislator, you may not be able to reach him/her directly. When you call, leave a message with your name, address and your position on the bill. If you don't know a bill number, try to be as specific as possible about the issue you are calling about. You also may want to ask for the legislator to return your call to explain how he/she voted.

House information: 602-926-4221
Senate information: 602-926-3559 or 1-800-352-8404

Emailing Your Legislator
When contacting your legislator by email, be sure to note support/oppose and the Senate/House bill number or topic in the subject line. Try to make your point in the first or second sentence.

Dear Representative/Senator...:

I am writing to ask you to oppose/support bill number 2408 - the bill to preserve state trust lands. I ask that you do this because...

Email addresses for all 90 state legislators can be found online at

Testifying in Committee
You first need to determine which committee your bill has been assigned to and when the committee chairperson plans to hear that bill.

The chairperson can switch the agenda around, so plan to attend the entire meeting. Bring extra reading materials and a snack. Prepare your testimony ahead of time and be brief and clear when stating your opinions.

"Thank you, Madam Chair and members of the committee. My name is ... and I am a resident of the city of Phoenix. I am here today to express my concern about House Bill 2408. I believe this bill should not become law because...."

The chair person or committee members may ask you questions. When responding to a question, always address the chairperson:

"Madam Chair/Representative Wong, I think the answer to your question is...."

If you have any questions, call Government Relations at 602-256-4257.