Phoenix Starfish Place

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A community dedicated to the healing and empowerment of human trafficking survivors.

City of Phoenix Innovative Efforts to Address Human Trafficking

Led by Councilman Jim Waring and Cindy McCain, the Task Force was created in December 2013 by the Phoenix City Council to establish the City of Phoenix as a model in addressing and combating human trafficking.   To meet this goal, Phoenix has adopted and implemented The Compass Plan, a five-year roadmap to eradicate human trafficking.  For more information, visit the city's human trafficking webpage.

Phoenix Starfish Place

The Phoenix Housing Department recently purchased a 15-unit multi-family community that was built in 2013 and originally designed to serve as transitional supportive housing.  The property includes a mixture of two- and three- bedroom apartments units on 1.8 acres with a 6,800 square-foot resident services building.   The Housing Department is dedicating this community to provide housing for victims of human trafficking.  

Phoenix Starfish Place will provide housing and supportive ​services to individuals and families impacted by human trafficking.  We need your help to furnish the resident services building and apartments to provide these residents with a home and a fresh start.

Your Donation Will Provide a Home and a Fresh Start!

  • $50,000 - Furnish 15 apartment units with furniture, bedding, cookware and cleaning supplies.

  • $30,000 - Furnish the library/computer room and three training rooms with desks, chairs, computers, cabinets, and supplies.

  • $10,000 - Furnish two case management offices and the reception area with computers, chairs, tables, and seating.

  • $5,000 - Furnish an apartment unit with furniture, bedding, cookware and cleaning supplies.

    • The resident receives a deluxe move-in box. 

  • $2,500 - Furnish a training Room with desks, tables, seating, and audiovisual equipment.

  • $250 - Purchase a resident move-in box which includes kitchen, bath and cleaning supplies.