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​Welcome to the City of Phoenix Housing Department. Our programs provide conventional public housing, affordable rental apartments and single-family homes to more than 25,000 area residents. This includes partnering with non-profit and for-profit community organizations on the preservation and development of affordable housing units. Our partnerships have led to sustainable and affordable rental housing and home ownership opportunities. The enthusiasm and dedication of our Housing Department staff and Executive Management team make it all possible. We look forward to continuing to provide Phoenix residents with quality housing options.

Karl Matzinger, Housing Director

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City of Phoenix Housing Program Turning Renters into Homeowners

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Scattered Sites Program
The Housing Department Scattered Sites Homeownership Program is accepting applications for 3-bedroom single family homes.  Families with three to six household members that earn $23,050 or more may qualify. Scattered Sites residents pay 30 percent of their income as rent.  After meeting homeownership qualifications, they may be able to purchase a home for 80 percent of the appraised value.​​Learn more...​

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