IT QVL Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Qualified Vendor List?

Answer: The Qualified Vendor List is a pre-qualified list of vendors approved to do business with the City of Phoenix for information technology (IT) professional services. Use of this list allows city departments to acquire IT professional services in the most expeditious manner possible.

Can departments use the QVL to acquire IT equipment?

Answer: No, the QVL is solely for the acquisition of IT professional services. Professional services are defined as "infrequent, technical, and/or unique functions performed by independent contractors whose occupation is the rendering of such services." For purposes of this QVL, professional services typically include, but are not limited to, consulting, assessments, feasibility studies, design, analysis, programming and training services.

If vendors are interested in supplying goods to the city, they can contact Central Purchasing at (602) 262-7181.

How does a vendor get on the QVL?

Answer: A vendor can get on the QVL by successfully responding to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Historically, the RFQ has been let only once each year, available on the Internet during the month of April, with a due date of late April or early May. After evaluation and approval, the QVL becomes effective July 1.

How long is a vendor on the QVL?

Answer: A QVL that is established in an even numbered year is effective for two years. A QVL that is established in an odd numbered year is a supplement to the two-year QVL and is effective for only one year. Effective dates coincide with the City's fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

Once a vendor applies, when will they be notified if they are accepted?

Answer: The evaluation and approval processes take approximately 5-6 weeks. Vendors are notified by mail in mid June.

How do vendors know when to reapply?

Answer: The letter sent to vendors upon approval to the QVL states the effective dates. In addition, all vendors on the one- and two-year QVLs will be notified by mail to reapply by submitting another RFQ response.

How do QVL vendors get notified of upcoming work opportunities?

Answer: Acquisition of IT professional services is decentralized. Each department is responsible for accessing the QVL and soliciting quotes from those vendors whose service offerings most closely match services needed. Use of the QVL allows a department to make a vendor selection without issuing a formal Request for Proposal (RFP). It does not, however, preclude a department from issuing a RFP for a major or complex procurement of services.

As a QVL vendor, what is the best way to promote my company?

Answer: Because of decentralization, there is no one person who is aware of all IT professional services opportunities throughout the city. Many departments have several IT professionals managing their IT functions. As there are usually 25 service categories on the QVL, typically no one person in each department manages all services. For a listing of all city departments and their main phone numbers, visit the city's website ( Once in the site, search on "service directory" and type "department" in the keyword search.

Can a vendor provide IT professional services to the city if they are not currently on the QVL?

Answer: Yes, but opportunities are limited.

  • Departments can choose not to utilize the QVL and issue a separate RFP for IT professional services.
  • In rare instances, departments may be able to justify a sole source vendor selection.