IT QVL Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Qualified Vendor List (QVL)?

Answer: The Qualified Vendor List is a pre-qualified list of vendors approved to do business with the City of Phoenix for information technology (IT) professional services. Use of this list allows city departments to acquire IT professional services more quickly than conducting individual solicitations.

How does a vendor get on the QVL?

Answer: A vendor can get on the QVL by successfully responding to the RFQu. The QVL will include all companies who have demonstrated experience and qualifications in providing the categories of services required in the solicitation (RFQu).

How long is a vendor on the QVL?

Answer: Unless otherwise stated in the solicitation, a QVL is established for two years. Vendors who do not get on the initial two-year list can respond to the annual RFQu and be added for the second year, if successful.

If my company is listed on the QVL, does it mean I have a contract with the City?

Answer: No. Being a Qualified Vendor does not guarantee work, commit the City to enter into a contract, pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a submittal to this request or in subsequent negotiations, or to engage and/or procure any services from any vendor on the QVL.

How do QVL vendors get notified of upcoming work opportunities?

Answer: At the City of Phoenix, acquisition of IT professional services is decentralized. Each department is responsible for accessing the QVL and soliciting offers from those vendors whose service offerings most closely match services needed and/or requirements.

Can this QVL serve to purchase IT equipment?

Answer: No. The QVL is solely for the acquisition of IT professional services.

Once a vendor applies, will they be notified if they are accepted?

Answer: Yes. Successful vendors will receive an Award Letter via email. In addition, the Information Technology Services Department will publish the Public Notice of Award Recommendation on the City's solicitations website.

How do vendors know when to reapply?

Answer: Information Technology Services sends the RFQu notification to as many vendors as possible. Current vendors on the QVL will automatically receive email notification when a new QVL solicitation is posted. 

As a QVL vendor, what is the best way to promote my company?

Answer: Given acquisition of IT professional services is decentralized, there is no one person who is aware of all IT professional services opportunities throughout the city. Many departments have several IT professionals managing their IT functions. For a listing of all city departments and their main phone numbers, visit the city's website (

Can a vendor provide IT professional services to the City if they are not currently on the QVL?

Answer: Yes, but opportunities are limited. Please visit for more information on Contracting With the City of Phoenix.

How can a vendor update their contact information provided for the QVL?

Answer: Send an email with the updated information / new contact person to Vendors should also ensure that they update their information in the City's Self-Registration System, procurePHX.

How can I contact someone for additional questions?

Contact Information:

Information Technology Services Department


Finance Department – Central Procurement


Phone: (602) 262-7181

Vendor Support:


Phone: (602) 262-1819