Ordinances Pending Publication

City codes and ordinances are periodically reviewed and amended and sometimes new ones are created based on business needs. View the status of those currently in progress. 

City Charter and Code Amendments/Updates:

TitleOrdinance NumberCouncil AdoptionEffective Date
Chap. 4 - Commercial Ground Transportation at Airports                              G-6164​                5/18/2016​             6/17/2016​
Chap. 29, Schedule A - Impact Fees​                          G-6180                  6/22/2016​             7/22/2016


Zoning Ordinance Amendments/Updates:

TitleOrdinance NumberText Amendment NumberCouncil AdoptionEffective Date
No pending ordinances at this time; 7/18/2016​​                                    ​             
                     ​                            ​