Specialty Courts

​The Municipal Court, in partnership with the Prosecutor�s Office and Public Defender�s Office, has specialty problem-solving courts that rely on evidence-based best practices and procedures to provide long-term solutions for offenders.

Homeless Cour​t

Recent state legislation placed administrative supervision of the regional homeless court under the authority of the Maricopa County Superior Court. Please refer to the Superior Court regional homeless court website for the most current information regarding the regional homeless court. 

Veterans Court

Veterans Court is a problem-solving alternative court that addresses the unique needs of defendants who are veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  The goal of Veterans Court is to restore veterans to being successful, contributing members of the community by ensuring that veterans entering the criminal justice system make contact with specific programs to address the root causes of the behavior that resulted in the veteran becoming a defendant in the criminal justice system.  Visit the Veterans Court web page for more information.​

Behavioral Health Court

The Behavioral Health Court (BHC) is a problem-solving alternative court setting for the unique needs of individuals with certain mental illnesses.  The many goals of BHC include: reduced recidivism and incarceration of individuals with mental illness through early intervention, and increased treatment engagement, collaboration and coordination with criminal justice, mental health and other community partners.  Many times, getting to the root of underlying issues, addressing them, and providing consistent and coordinated care helps a person heal and change direction, taking that person out of the criminal justice system.  Although a departure from traditional systems of justice, this approach has been proven effective in Phoenix and other jurisdictions.

Behavioral Health Court is a collaboration of the Municipal Court, Public Defender�s Office, Prosecutor�s Office and behavioral 
health professionals working these specialized cases together with individuals who have been assessed and assigned to BHC.

Success with BHC translates to a healthier and safer community and reduces the cost and burden to Phoenix.

If you have any questions concerning whether a case or an individual is appropriate for Behavioral â€‹Health Court, please contact:

Katie Williams, MSW
Behavioral Health Coordinator
City of Phoenix Public Defender's Office
300 W Washington St, 4th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: (602) 262-1838​