Frequently Asked Questions

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​​Protective Orders and Victim Services

How can I obtain an Order of Protection or other Protective Order?

See our Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office Protective orders page in our Victim Information Center for assistance on obtaining a protective order.

Or, you may visit the Phoenix Municipal Court’s Protective Orders page for more information.

How can I get additional Victim Services?

Visit our Victim Information Center for a variety of information to help victims of crimes.

Appearing in Court

Why was I subpoenaed and ordered to appear in court?

A prosecutor evaluates each case and sends subpoenas to witnesses who are needed to testify during trial. Without your presence, the case may not be able to proceed. The date and trial location (courtroom number) will be printed on each subpoena, as well as a phone number. It is important to call the listed phone number as directed on the subpoena to make sure the trial has not been reset to another date.

If you've received a subpoena on a civil matter, please contact 602-262-6761.

PLEASE NOTE: A subpoena is an order form the Presiding Judge of the Phoenix Municipal Court

I have to come to court because I was subpoenaed to appear-how long will I be in court?

The length of time you are needed in court depends on the reason you are attending. If you are coming to court for:

  • A pretrial disposition conference - approximately 1-1½ hours
  • A non-jury trial - typically 1-2 hours
  • A jury trial - typically 1-2 days
  • A restitution hearing - approximately 1 hour

The prosecutor will release you as soon as possible. If you are a crime victim, however, you have the right to remain through the entire proceeding.

Where do I park?

There is a parking garage directly south of City Hall and the Phoenix Municipal Courthouse located at 305 West Washington. The entrance to the parking garage is off of 4th Avenue. The following link will provide you with a downtown area parking map

You may validate your parking for a reduced rate at the information center in front of the elevators.

You may also find street parking; please note that parking meters are only for 1 and 2 hour parking, so please take careful note of where you park and consider how long you may be in the building when choosing where to park.

Where do I go once inside the Phoenix Municipal Courthouse?

When you enter the Phoenix Municipal Courthouse you will go through security, similar to the airport, and into the lobby. If busy, security can take up to 10 minutes. Do not bring any weapons or sharp objects--including pocketknives or pepper sprays. The elevators in the lobby will take you to your courtroom.

  • 4th Floor: Courtrooms 401 - 404
  • 5th Floor: Courtrooms 501 - 508
  • 6th Floor: Courtrooms 601 - 608
  • 7th Floor: Courtrooms 701 - 708
  • 8th Floor: Phoenix City Prosecutor's Office
  • There is an information booth in the lobby for additional help.

How should I dress for court?

Your appearance is important. You should come dressed as you would for a job interview (business casual), a dinner at a nice restaurant, or a special event. You should not wear tank tops or shorts, or T-shirts with rude or offensive language.

Criminal Process

Why was the criminal matter declined for prosecution?

If you are the victim of the crime, you will receive a letter explaining that the case was declined. You have the right to discuss the matter with a prosecutor. To do so, call 602-262-6461 or contact Victim Services at 602-261-8192.

Why is the criminal matter not being prosecuted right now, but instead sent back to the police for additional investigation?

If you are the victim of the crime, you will receive a letter explaining that the case was sent back to the police for further investigation. You have the right to discuss the matter with a prosecutor. To do so, call 602-262-6461 or contact Victim Services at 602-261-8192.

I've been charged with a misdemeanor crime. Can I enter into a Telephonic Plea agreement with the Prosecutor's Office?

You must live outside the state of Arizona or have a medical condition that would prevent a court appearance.

Offenses involving jail time, restitution, probation, or victim rights are not eligible.

You must plead guilty.

When submitting a request, provide your name, date of birth, address, all complaint numbers, date of violation, and an explanation with a guilty plea.

Requests can be mailed to P.O. Box 4500, Phoenix, Arizona 85030-4500, or faxed to 602-534-6151.

I want a letter saying my criminal case is dismissed.

If the case was charged, we do not provide a letter in this case. Defendants will need to obtain that information from the Court. The phone number is 602-262-6421.

I am not the criminal defendant in this case, someone used my name.

If you were charged with a crime because another person used your name, you must contact the Phoenix Police Department Judicial Process Detail (602-262-6090) to report the incident. Police will investigate the case to determine the correct defendant and they will also determine if someone is a victim of false reporting.

If the case was charged against the wrong person, the police will submit a request for dismissal of charges filed in the victim’s name and will submit a request for appropriate charges against the true defendant. The Prosecutor's Office only dismisses these charges after the Phoenix Police Department submits a police report detailing the police investigation.

I want a letter or some other documentation saying I was not charged when I was arrested.

The defendant will need to fill out a request form for a letter indicating that no charges were filed. However, there are circumstances where we are not able to provide the desired letter.

If we are unable to provide the letter because no records are available, the Public Records Detail of the Phoenix Police Department may be able to provide a "Letter of Clearance."

Arizona and City of Phoenix Laws and Legal Questions

I have a legal question or need legal advice - can the Law Department answer my question or advise me?

Neither the Phoenix City Attorney's Office nor the Prosecutor's Office can provide legal advice to citizens of Phoenix. Our sole function is to prosecute people who violate criminal misdemeanor laws, and to provide legal representation to the city, its agents, and employees. To contact the Maricopa County Law Library, call 602-506-3461 or visit the Maricopa County Law Library website

Where can I view a copy of the Phoenix and Arizona laws?

Locations of Jails and Other Courts

Where are the jail locations in the Phoenix area?

Jail L​​ink

What are the other courts in Arizona and where are they?

To learn about other courts in Arizona and the Court System in general, visit:

Reporting Problems and Issues

The neighbors are noisy, and play loud music, who do I call?

Call the police station in your precinct. Find your police precinct.

Where can I report child abuse or neglect?

If you suspect abuse or neglect of a child, it should be reported to Arizona Child Protective Services at 1-888-767-2445.

Whom do I call regarding landlord/tenant disputes?

Neighborhood Services Department at 602-534-4444.

Where can I report identity theft?

You may report Identity theft through the Phoenix Police Department’s Online Reporting System

Where can I report a fraudulent business or consumer fraud?

Report fraudulent business or consumer fraud with the Attorney General’s office by filling out their Complaint Form.

Where can I report a dead animal for pick up?

Dead animal pickup - 602-262-6791

Where can I report general non- emergency crimes or issues?

Call Crime Stop at 262-6151 or use the Phoenix Police Department’s Online Reporting System

Reports, Records and Licensing

I would like to request public records.

Information on requests for City of Phoenix Public Records can be found on the City’s Public Records page.

All media requests for public records must go through the Public Information Office.

How do I obtain a copy of the police report in a criminal matter?

Police reports can be obtained from Public Records Detail of the Phoenix Police Department.

I need a fingerprint card.

Fingerprint cards can be obtained from Public Records Detail of the Phoenix Police Department.

Where can I obtain a business license?

For any information regarding business or regulatory licenses issued within the City of Phoenix, please see the Phoenix City Clerk Web site.

Where can I obtain a marriage license or passport?

Marriage license information can be found at the Maricopa County Clerk of the Court’s Marriage License ​information page.  Passport information can be found at the Maricopa County Clerk of the Court’s Passport inform​ation page

Where can I obtain a birth or death certificate?

Birth and Death certificates are obtained through the State of Arizona Office of Vital Records.

Employment and Internships

I'm interested in an Internship; how can I get more information?

Each semester, law students who attend Arizona State University College of Law are selected to participate in the City Prosecutor's internship program and work with the Phoenix City Prosecutor's Office. For additional information:
Contact Arizona State University Criminal Practice Clinic.

I'm interested employment with the Law Department; how can I get more information?

All inquiries into employment with the City of Phoenix are directed to the City’s Employment page.