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Trespass Notice Appeal Process


Any person served with a Trespass Notice of 30 days or more is entitled to submit a written notice of appeal to the Parks and Recreation Director or designee. Your notice of appeal must be submitted in writing by mail or hand-delivery to 200 West Washington Street, 16th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003 and must be postmarked or received within 10 calendar days of the date that this Trespass Notice is issued, inclusive of weekends and holidays.

Your notice of appeal must include:

1) A description of the reason for your appeal.

2) A copy of this Trespass Notice.

3) The mailing address or e-mail address you wish to be contacted about your appeal.


The Parks and Recreation Director (or designee) shall review the appeal and determine to affirm, modify or reverse the Trespass Notice. Written notice of the determination will be provided to you. Within 10 calendar days of the determination notice, you may appeal, in writing, such notice to the City Manager (or designee) by mail or hand-delivery to 200 West Washington Street, 12th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003. Such determination of the City Manager or designee shall be final.


You may visit Phoenix.gov/Parks/Code-of-Conduct, call 602-262-6862 or visit any Parks and Recreation Department division office for further inquiries about the appeals process. The Trespass Notice remains in effect unless or until the hearing officer affirms, modifies or reverses the trespass notice.​



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