Skate Parks & Plazas

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Cesar ​Chavez Skate PlazaDesert West Skate ParkDust Devil Skate PlazaHermoso Skate PlazaNueve Skate PlazaParadise Valley Skate ParkPecos Skate ParkPinnacle Skate Plaza


Skate Park and Plaza Rules:

City of Phoenix skate parks and plazas are not staffed and are skate-at-your-own-risk facilities. Protective equipment should be used at all times. Use of the skate parks and plazas may expose the user to serious injury or death.

Please inspect skating surfaces before beginning and remove any trash or debris that may prevent a smooth and safe ride. Do not skate on any damaged surfaces and report damage to 602-262-6862 ​or

Additional ramps, jumps or obstacles are not allowed in the skate parks. No modifications to the skating surfaces or features is allowed.

Please restrict skating to features specifically designed for that purpose.

A detailed list of rules and regulations will be posted at each skate park and plaza, please respect and adhere to all posted rules.​​​​​