​​Fire Code

The 2018 Phoenix Fire Code (PFC), an amended version of the 2018 International Fire Code (IFC), establishes minimum requirements for fire prevention and fire protection systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. The Phoenix Fire Code is a companion code to the International Codes (ICC) adopted by the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department establishing the construction requirements for all development in the City of Phoenix. ​​​​

2018 Phoenix Fire Code - Explanatory Policies

​Explanatory materials approved by the Fire Marshal are intended to clarify the application of the fire code and are indicated in the fire code by a diamond (⬥) in the margin.​

Asphalt Kettles

Audibility Levels


Business Certificate Contractors

Certificate of Occupancy – Existing Buildings

Competent Party Certificates

Construction Document Submittals

Controlled Access at Electrical Substations

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage​

​​Energy Systems

Explosives Storage & Use

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Systems in Existing Buildings

Fire Apparatus Access Roads

Fire Apparatus Access Requirements​​​

Fire Flow 

Fire Prevention TPT Policy 

Fire Service Access Elevators

Flame Performers

Group A-2 Sprinkler Retrofit​​

Hazard / Occupancy Type Comparison Table

Hot Work Program with Sample Program

Hydrant Placement for Outside Combustible Storage 

In-fill Development

Key Box Requirements ​​

Kitchen Hood Maintenance - Commercial & Domestic

Life Safety Reports

Luminous Egress Path Markings

NFPA 72 Authority Having Jurisdiction

Notification Appliances in Parking Structures

Open Burning

Operating Permit Expiration Times​​​​​​

Outdoor Assembly Fire Lane Access

Outdoor Combustible Storage Requirements *** NEW***​

Quick-Response Sprinkler Head Replacement


Recreational, Warming, and Cooking Fire Limitations

Removal & Demolition

Shade Structures Over Playground Equipment

Smoke Removal

Solar Photovoltaic & Battery Energy Storage Markings

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Installation on R-3 & R-4 Occupancies with Slopes of 2 Vertical Units in 12 Units Horizontal or Less 

Solar Roof Tiles or Glass Systems in R-3 & R-4 Occupancies

Special Event Outdoor Assembly Permits

Sprinkler coverage for balconies in NFPA 13

Sprinklers in Industrial Ovens


Temporary Fire Pumps

Vehicle Impact Protection Requirements

Voltage Drop Calculations


Tarver Sprinkler Ordinance

In 2001 Phoenix Firefighter Bret Tarver died in a building that had no automatic fire sprinklers.  That loss inspired Phoenix be more proactive in sprinkler requirements and the resulting action was the creation of the Bret Tarver Sprinkler Ordinance, Section 903.1 Phoenix Fire Code. ​