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Phoenix Fire Code

City of Phoenix Ord. No. G-6854, § 1, 2021)​

The Phoenix Fire Code, an amended version of the 2018 International Fire Code, establishes minimum requirements for fire prevention and fire protection systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. The Phoenix Fire Code is a companion code to the International Codes (ICC) adopted by the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department establishing the construction requirements for all development in the City of Phoenix. ​​​​​

Phoenix Fire Code and Fire PreventionFee Schedule 

Current Fire Prevention Fee Schedule ​​​

View 2018 International Fire Code with Phoenix Amendments aka Phoenix Fire Code Effective July 19, 2019​​​

Amendments to the Phoenix Fire Code Effective July 3, 2021 ​

For questions regarding the 2018 Phoenix Fire Code, please contact us at 602-262-6771 or by email at fireprevention.pfd@phoenix.gov

Phoenix Fire Code - Explanatory Policies

​Explanatory materials approved by the Fire Marshal are intended to clarify the application of the fire code and are indicated in the fire code by a diamond (⬥) in the margin.​


Explanatory Policy Manual Updated 2/2024 (Contains all Active Policies)


2012 Phoenix Fir​e Code​ (Past Fire Code for Reference Purpose Only​​) 

Tarver Sprinkler Ordinance

In 2001 Phoenix Firefighter Bret Tarver died in a building that had no automatic fire sprinklers.  That loss inspired Phoenix be more proactive in sprinkler requirements and the resulting action was the creation of the Bret Tarver Sprinkler Ordinance, Section 903.1 Phoenix Fire Code. ​

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