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​​ Customers can apply for selective permits, submit plans for review, schedule inspections, make payments, and lookup various permitting and plan review information on-line.  ​​​Information on-line is subject to Copyright (view Copyright Procedure​​).

​Plan Review and Permit Services  

Electronic Plan Review
​Submit plans for review online.Learn more​
Online Permitting Servic​es
​​Search, print, submit and pay for selected permits (Brochure)​. Visit our Development Center to submit other permits.
Online Payments ​​Pay for plan review and permit fees online

Inspection Request or Cancellation​Must have information from the building permit payment receipt to submit On-line
Inspection Request or Cancellation, How To​​​

Perm​its Search     Search issued and temporary permits multiple ways
Plan Re​view Search​Search plans submitted for review (plan review number, address, professional name/license, project number or project name)
Project Search     ​Search permits associated with a particular project.
Eleva​tor Permits​​ SearchPrint certificate of inspection and conditional permit to operate elevator
Certificates of Occupancy and Completion SearchS​earch by permit number, address or parcel number

Planning and Development​​ M​aps​
Development Impact Fee Map​
Historic Preservation Maps
Zoning Maps​​​​​​

​​Research - Permits
Issued Permit Data Export​View and export plan reviews submitted and permits issued in Phoenix. Results limited to 365 days at a time.
Permit​ and ​​Plan Type Listings​View dynamic list of permit and plan types by category
Data Research How To
Permit Research How​ To
Public Records Request

Planned Unit Development Cases (PUD)View rezoning cases where applicant proposes the uses, development standards, and design guidelines for a site.
​Planning Hearing Officer Cases (PHO)​View requests to delete or modify stipulations from previously approved rezoning requests and time extension requests for conditionally zoned properties.
​Rezoning Cases​​View general plan amendments (GPA), text amendments (Z-TA), special use permits (Z-SP), and rezoning cases (Z).
If you have any questions, please contact the Planning & Development Department at 602-262-7811.