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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review requires applicants to interact with two separate systems, the WEB portal and the ProjectDox system.  Separate logins are required for each of the two systems; however, the same email address and password can be used for both.

Let's get started!


Go to EPR Web Portal to fill out a new application or pay fees.

  • Start new plan review application
  • Return to a saved plan review application
  • Make payment for a plan review or permit

Go directly to Project Dox. (Go here if you already have a sign-in. Must have account and completed online application.)

  • Upload plan set and associated documents
  • Submit project for electronic plan review
  • View markups
  • Upload corrections
  • Download approved plans


What's New?

The Electronic Plan Review (EPR) program ProjectDox was recently updated. 

New ProjectDox features include:

  • New Home Page
  • New Navigation Buttons
  • New Grid View Configuration
  • New Uploader
  • New Viewer Updates

View the following document to see what's new in ProjectDox 9.1:

Click here for the ProjectDox 9.1 new features.

Contact the EPR Triage Team at 602-534-5933 or epr.support@phoenix.gov with questions.

​Watch the video below for our "TOP 5 TIPS for a SUCCESSFUL ELECTRONIC PLAN REVIEW!"

We show you the common mistakes in submittals that could delay your review and approval.

​Submittal Guidelines:

Benefits of submitting


  • Reduced physical trips for plan drop off/pick up and associated payments

  • Reduced printing of hard copies

  • Potentially improved review turnaround time

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at 602-534-5933.       



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