Planning Hearing Officer (PHO)


The Planning Hearing Officer (PHO) presides over requests to delete or modify stipulations from zoning and time extension request approvals for conditionally zoned properties.  The PHO also hears requests to revert zoning, if initiated, by the Planning Commission and certain modifications to comprehensive sign plans.  Hearings are held every third Wednesday of the month at 10:00AM, and are typically held in the Calvin Goode Building.  Appeals from the PHO go to the Planning Commission with further appeals to the City Council pursuant to Section 506.  Detailed information, including ​​a process packet and hearing schedule, ​​can be found on th​​e​​​ forms and appli​cations page.​​​​

For additional information, contact Planning & Zoning at 602-262-7131, option 6.


Review current cases as they go through the hearing process.  Hearing dates can be found on the application.  If there is an application you are interested in that is not on the list, call Bradley Wylam at (602) 256-3322.  Once the application has been acted upon OR withdrawn by City Council, the case will be removed.​