Phoenix Parklet Program

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​​​​​​​​​​parklet along city street and businessParklets are seating platforms that convert curbside parking spaces into vibrant community spaces. Parklet​s provide green spaces on the city streets to help mitigate the urban heat isl​and effect and create new seasonal pedestrian spaces that improve the quality of life in Phoenix neighborhoods and commercial corridors. 


Parklets are urban amenities appropriate for narrow, actively pedestrian streets with slower speed limits. Parklets will only be allowed in the Phoenix Downtown Code area and the Grand Avenue frontage from Van Buren Street to Roosevelt Street, within the public right-of-way. View the Parklet Approved Area (Map)​​​.​​


The Phoenix Parklet Program has two options for applicants: open seating for the public, or private seating controlled by the business and used for serving food and non-alcoholic beverages only.

  • If the parklet seating is controlled by the business and used for serving food and beverages, an annual rental fee is required by the city of Phoenix​.
  • Parklets adjacent to residences must be open seating for the public.
  • Parklets can also be used as part of a separate temporary use or special event permit. ​


  • Parklets are owned and maintained by the adjacent property owner (s), business, or association. All construction and maintenance costs for the parklet are borne by the applicant.
  • A fact-finding for potential parklet location is free. View the Parklet Fact-Finding Application.
  • Once your location is approved, you may submit a Parklet Application along with the Parklet Location Petition.
  • See the Phoenix Parklet Policy for more details such as design standards, fees, insurance, and maintenance requirements​.

 For questions or additional information, please contact City of Phoenix Office of Customer Advocacy Economic Development Program Manager, Renee Blakley via email at ​or telephone at ​602-495-7347.