Infill Development

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Expansion of the Infill Development District

GPA-SA-CC-1-19-8 &



​This is a request to expand two areas:

  • Approximately 432 acres generally bounded by Interstate 10 on the north and east, and the existing IDD boundary on the south and west (lots directly north of Roosevelt Street and Washington Street; and 10th Street and 16th Street); and
  • Approximately 618 acres generally bounded by Harrison Street, Buckeye Road, and Interstate 17 on the north; 12th Street, 16th Street, and 21st Street on the east; University Drive on the south; and the existing IDD boundary on the west (8th Place, 9th Street, and 10th Street).

See the map of the existing IDD and the two expansion areas.

The Infill Development District is established in the General Plan and provides incentives for redevelopment. The incentives include:

  • Section 608.F.8. provides a Single-Family Attached development option for single-family residential development.
  • Section 702.E.9. provides for parking red​uctions in the Infill Development District;    
  • ​Section 708.​M.2​​ ​permits interim vacant land uses in the Infill Development District with a use permit; and
  • There are also infill policies approved by the City Council in November 2013 that incorporate flexibility in standard development requirements.


The text amendment and general plan amendment (GPA-SA-CC-1-19-8 and Z-TA-5-19-8) are scheduled for a virtual neighborhood meeting May 4, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. Please see the public meeting notice for instructions on how to participate in the meeting.


The public hearing process will include review by the Central City Village Planning Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council.

​​Vacant Lot Activation

​Allows for passive vacant lot usage by right for art installations, pocket parks etc. along the light rail line and establishes a use permit process for vacant lot activation on any parcel in the Reinvent PHX planning area. This text amendment (Z-TA-8-14) started the public hearing process in April 2016.

​​Mobile Food Vending​

​Allow for mobile food vending (food trucks) on private property within the Downtown Code and the ReinventPHX Districts subject to an approved use permit.  Staff anticipates a winter 2016 public hearing process for this text amendment (Z-TA-1-15)

Infill District Expansion


  • General Plan
  • Infill Policies
  • Interim Vacation Land Uses
  • Map
  • Parking Reductions
  • Single Family Attached Development Option
  • Web Page IDD Expan


Completed Initiatives​​

​* Click on the links to visit our ongoing planning efforts for PlanPhx, PreserveHisoricPHX, and ReinventPHX to find the latest updates for these initiatives.

General Plan

The General Plan is a long-term comprehensive guide for physical development within the city of Phoenix and is a vision of where citizens want the city to be in the future.  The General Plan update was approved on August 25, 2015 through the General Election vote.  To learn more about the General Plan, please visit the following website.  


PreserveHistoricPHX is the first historic preservation plan for the city.  It is a comprehensive preservation plan for the next 10 years.  It builds on the efforts of PlanPHX with a comprehensive focus on preserving and protecting historic neighborhoods, buildings, structures, sites, and cultural resources.  The plan can be reviewed at the following website.  


A long-range planning process that provides a foundation for revitalization efforts along the existing light-rail corridor to facilitate development of walkable urban communities that increase the opportunities for the general public to utilize light-rail as a transportation option.  To learn more about REinventPHX, please visit the following website.  

​Walkable Urban (WU) Code
The Phoenix City Council adopted the Walkable Urban (WU) Code on July 1, 2015.  This form based code became Chapter 13 in the Zoning Ordinance with the purpose to implement walkable urban development standards along the light rail line.  It will help implement the Transit Oriented District community-based vision for the area and facilitate new development.  To learn more about the Walkable Urban Code, please visit the following website  

General Plan Amendment Infill Policy - Resolution R-21189   Map
The Land Use Element of the General Plan was amended to establish new infill area boundaries called the "Infill Development District" that will allow for greater focus on the city' s urban core. The area may be expanded in the future with new light rail expansion or in other special focus areas where development regulations may impact the economic viability of projects.

Single Family Attached Development Option - Ordinance G-5874   Map
Multiple sections in the zoning ordinance were amended to provide an additional development option for property with multifamily, commercial and downtown zoning. The development option is allowed by right within the Infill Development District and with Use Permit approval within a designated area. The Single-Family Attached development option protects the integrity of the existing neighborhoods while supporting an updated subdivision design that meets the demand for an urban lifestyle. The applicable area may be expanded early next year after additional outreach and public meetings.

Infill Parking Requirements - Ordinance G-5875
Chapter 7 of the Zoning Ordinance was amended to address parking reductions via a Use Permit and to enhance neighborhood notification of such requests. The text also established a maximum fifty percent reduction, increased the maximum distance allowed for shared parking, and established minimum lease and Use Permit revocation requirements.​

Expansion of Boundaries for the Single-Family (SFA) Development Option - Ordinance G-5897 and Map
The City Council approved the Single-Family Attached development option text amendment on December 18, 2013 (Ordinance G-5874). Staff was directed to consider other areas within the city that would be appropriate to allow the use of the Single-Family Attached development option. The language approved at the December 18, 2013 City Council meeting was not modified. The only change was expanding the area allowed to utilize the SFA development option.

​For more information, call 602-262-7811.