Rezoning and Special Permits

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Zoning is the principal tool by which the city of Phoenix implements the goals and future development plans expressed in the General Plan. Zoning regulations are intended to protect existing land uses and assure that uses are compatible with each other and with available public facilities and services. Through the rezoning process, land use and other factors are evaluated to determine the appropriateness of a specific rezoning proposal.

Rezoning procedures have been established by the Zoning Ordinance to assist staff, the Zoning Hearing Officer, the Planning Commission and the City Council to expeditiously review and determine the merits of each rezoning application. From the date of application to final City Council action on the matter, the rezoning process generally takes from three and a half to six months. Planning Commission and City Council recesses and continuances may lengthen the rezoning process.

​​2020 Rezoning Hearing Schedule​

2021 Rezoning Hearing Schedule

Rezoning Process Packet - Revised March 4, 2020

Notice of Local Emergency Measures for Public Meetings and Hearings

Required Neighborhood Meetings – Local Emergency Guidelines

Supplemental Standard Second Notification Letter For virtual meetings during the COVID-19 declaration of emergency ​

​​​​Significant updates include:​

  • ​​Requirement to contact SRP/APS to determine if there would be any conflicts (Page 3 and 8)
  • Project Information Form: To address community benefits (Page 15)
  • Sign posting template (Page 28)
  • School District Contacts (Pages 33-34) 
  • Village Planning Committee meetings schedule (Page 53-54)
  • ​2020 Rezoning hearing schedule (Page 55)  ​

Rezoning Staff Reports and Proposed Rezoning Map​

Handouts and Documents