Driving Tips

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​Here are some tips and information to help you get around Downtown Phoenix during Super Bowl activities.

Recommended Routes to Enter or Exit Downtown Phoenix

Drivers are encouraged to enter or exit Downtown Phoenix from the west or south. The streets on the west and​​ south handle greater capacity and are not as heavily used as those in the east, primarily Seventh Street. By using these streets you may arrive at your destination quicker and avoid traffic congested areas.

For the easiest access into and out of downtown Phoenix,  use the routes on our Recommended Routes Map for Ingress and Egress.

Although Seventh Street will remain open, consider using the following streets to enter or exit downtown Phoenix:

  • First Avenue (one-way Southbound)
  • Seventh Avenue*
  • Van Buren Street
  • Jefferson Street (one-way Eastbound)
  • Lincoln Street

*Seventh Avenue provides great access to and from the freeway system.