About HHW Events

Household hazardous waste (HHW) and electronics collection events are for city of Phoenix residential solid waste customers only. Please see below for a complete list of the acceptable items to bring to the HHW events. Please bring your current city of Phoenix city services bill showing solid waste fees AND a matching photo ID.

Effective September 1st 2017, Residential customers can call EGreenITSolutions at 602-944-4151 to schedule a drop-off of electronics materials only at their office.  Residents will be allowed up to two CRT units per month, per household free of charge.  After the first two CRT units, a $20 fee will be charged for each additional CRT device.  All fees will be collected and managed by the e-waste contractor. 

Upcoming Events

All HHW and Electronics Collection events will run from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. on dates scheduled. Dates, locations and times are subject to change. There are no events during June, July and August.

There are no upcoming Household Hazardous Waste events until September. The 2018-2019 schedule will be posted in the near future. 

Disposing of Materials Between HHW Events

Event Guidelines

  • All HHW events begin promptly at 7 a.m. and ends promptly at noon. Please arrive or be in the vehicle line within that time frame. 
  • Have your current city services bill and matching photo ID readily available for the staff. 
  • Separate electronic items from the chemicals for faster unloading.
  • Place cans, glass bottles and smaller HHW items inside a box or container when possible. 
  • If you have a damaged bucket or container with hazardous liquids that is leaking or may leak, please place it in a secondary bucket or container to avoid spills.
  • FOR YOUR SAFETY, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES. Event staff will unload all of your materials for you. Your vehicle will NOT be unloaded unless you are in the vehicle.
  • Non-hazardous materials brought, in error, to events will be sorted and disposed of as municipal solid waste. In addition, latex paint containers containing small amounts of less than one gallon will be disposed of in the same manner.
  • For very large electronics or large amounts of electronic items, please contact the eGreenIT Solutions office at 602-944-4151 for details. All fees will be the responsibility of the resident.

​Acceptable Items

Auto parts

Auto related fluids (up to 5 gallons total)

Tires up to 5 (Oversized tires and tractor tires are not accepted)


Vehicle batteries

Rechargeable batteries


Household appliances

Effective September 1st 2017, HHW events will allow up to two (2) Cathode Ray Tube television (CRT) units per event, per household free of charge.  After the first two (2) CRT units, a $20 will be charged.  All fees will be collected and managed by the E-waste contractor.


Pool chemicals
Household Paint (no more than 10 gallons total)


Propane gas cylinders 

(5 lbs. or 1 lb.)

Fire extinguishers

​Unacceptable Items

Regular garbage and bulk trash

Large quantities of residential wastes (more than five gallons of each product) will not be accepted. 


Non-hazardous products

Shampoo, lotions, dish soap, etc.
Non-hazardous items can be placed in your trash.  (Or find a friend, relative or neighbor that can use them.)


Business/commercial/radioactive waste

Bio-medical waste

Medications, sharps/syringes

Ammunition or explosives

Please call the Police Property Management Bureau at 602-261-8371 to determine whether your materials can be brought to the facility.

Prescription Medication

Prescription medication can be dropped off at most police precincts or local pharmacies. Please call ahead first to determine whether they accept prescription medication.

Proper Disposal of Medication

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