Zero Waste Virtual

The Zero Waste team has been providing recycling and waste diversion education to our Phoenix schools, businesses and neighborhoods. Now, they are delivering recycling education directly to your homes!

Welcome to Recycle+, created to keep the interest and education on waste diversion ongoing – in your homes, in schools, in the car or wherever there is wifi. 

We hope Recycle+ motivates you to take the extra step to recycle right and recycle more, so that 40% of Phoenix’s waste material is reused and reimagined as new products

Zero Waste Webinar Series

Zero Waste Webinar Series​​​


Recycle+ Education

​​​Kindergarten - 5th Grade

​Zero waste activity book (answer key below)
Zero waste activity book answer keyColoring bookRecycle sorting game​​Kindergarten math problems​
Recycle scavenger hunt
Recycle bin label coloring sheet
​Memory game

​Recycl​e Right Wizard​

 Virtual MRF Tour

 Recorrido Virtual por la Instalación de Reciclaje

 Phoenix Landfill

New Episode

Between Two Cans - Episode 3

​Test your knowledge

​Recycle Quiz