Public Works Current Openings 

​Fleet Technician Apprenticeship

Job ID: 49566


  • $17.38 / hour starting wage as an apprentice 
  • $17.98 / hour after 1,000 on-the-job training (OJT) hours of successful performance as an apprentice 
  • $18.61 / hour after 2,000 OJT hours of successful performance as an apprentice
  • $19.27 / hour after 3,000 OJT hours of successful performance as an apprentice
  • $19.94 / hour after 4,000 OJT hours of successful performance as an apprentice, including promotion to Equipment Service Worker II​

Deadline to apply: April 10, 2023

The Fleet Technician Apprenticeship program is a two-year program and was developed to attract and train individuals with the desire to become a skilled fleet technician with the City of Phoenix, underfilling our Equipment Service Worker II role.

Apprentices perform a variety of semi-skilled tasks in maintaining and repairing a wide variety of on and off-highway equipment for the City of Phoenix. Assignments are routine at the beginning of the program. As an apprentice's knowledge and skill increases, the complexity of assignments increases until performance and technical ability are at the journey level. Participation in the program requires apprentices to attend courses provided by partnering educational institutions. Coursework is subject to a curriculum schedule and may require the incumbent to attend day or evening classes. Additionally, the incumbent may change work schedules (I.e., day, evening and night shifts) to accommodate coursework and job training that must be completed within the program guidelines. No experience is required prior to starting the program. All required training is paid for and provided by the City of Phoenix while on-the-job and being employed full-time.​

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Laborer - Fleet Division

  • ​​Job ID: 48731
  • Salary: $31,658.00 - $39,395.20
  • Deadline to apply: April 5, 2023
The Public Works Department is currently seeking Laborers to perform manual work which will include:
  • ​​Lubricate and grease heavy trucks/equipment such as articulator loaders and backhoe
  • General mechanic shop cleanup
  • Driving vehicles.
Work is generally performed under the immediate direction of a supervisor, but many types of work assigned may be very routine and repetitive in nature and after once learned can be carried on without difficulty and only under general supervision.

We currently have openings in our Fleet Division with a work shift of Monday-Friday from 2:00 pm to 10:30 pm. 

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​Automotive Technician/Master Automotive Technician

  • Job ID: 49356​ 
  • Salary: 
    • Automotive Technician: $48,797 - $55,328
    • Automotive Master Technician: $53,102 - $59,925​
  • Deadline to apply: April 2, 2023
The City is offering a $2,500 hiring incentive to new hires for Auto Technician*Master Technician title which will be paid in accordance with A.R. 2.55. Please note that this is only applicable to those who are offered a Master Technician position. Automotive Technicians maintain, diagnose, and repair automotive equipment (e.g., cars, light trucks, etc.) and related equipment that requires the mechanic to have a high degree of technical ability. Usually, repair jobs are laid out in general terms and inspected upon completion. The Automotive Technician will also test drive vehicles as needed. 

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Equipment Service Worker I

  • Job ID: 49357​ 
  • Salary: $35,152.00 - $41,475.20​
  • Deadline to apply: April 2, 2023
Equipment Service Worker I's are responsible for routine automotive and small landscape equipment preventive maintenance, repairing and balancing equipment tires and simple mechanical repairs. The Equipment Service Worker I assists Heavy Equipment and Auto Technicians with fleet repairs. Routine manual tasks involve the operation and transporting of automotive and light truck equipment; fuel site inspections; servicing pool vehicles, including washing and fueling as needed, and ordering and stocking shop supplies.

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Equipment Service Worker II

  • Job ID: 49355​ 
  • Salary: $39,957.00 - $48,796.80​
  • Deadline to apply: April 2, 2023
The City is offering a $5,000 hiring incentive to new hires for Equipment Service Worker II which will be paid in accordance with A.R. 2.55. Equipment Service Worker II's performs skilled servicing, mechanical maintenance, and minor repair of automotive, heavy duty, and other motorized equipment. Duties include performing routine servicing and maintenance of engines, transmissions, chassis, air conditioning, and tune ups; repairing and replacement of wheel bearings, brakes, balancing tires and wheels; and patching and repairing tires.


Heavy Equipment Mechanic

  • Job ID: 49354 
  • Salary: $57,741.00 - $64,771.20​
  • Deadline to apply: April 2, 2023
Hiring Incentive: The City is offering a $5,000 hiring incentive to new hires for Heavy Equipment Mechanic which will be paid in accordance with A.R. 2.55. A Heavy Equipment Mechanic repairs and maintains fire equipment, heavy diesel trucks, refuse collection equipment, earth-moving equipment, and related construction equipment with various types of hydraulic components.  Heavy Equipment Mechanics also perform regular preventative maintenance, schedule and conduct safety inspections, test drive vehicles, and records repairs and services on work orders. Some positions may be required to provide emergency response during severe weather (floods, storms, etc.).

​​How to Apply ​

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Phoenix Public Works Department. Follow these simple steps to begin the application process. 

  1. Once you've identified a job opportunity, please take note of the Job Title and Job ID number. This is how you will locate the job posting in the City of Phoenix HR Connection Center (employment and application portal).
  2. Click the "Apply Now" button.  You will be redirected to HR Connection, where you can create an account if you don't already have one. Once logged in, enter the Job Title or Job ID number in the search field.
  3. Review the full job description and pay special attention to the MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS and HOW TO APPLY sections. They explain the evaluation process and tell you exactly what qualifications and documentation are required.
  4. Submit your application along with your resume and cover letter before the job post expires. Applicants should receive a notice within two weeks after the recruitment has closed to let you know if you made the eligible-for-hire list. This list is a compilation of all qualified applicants from which departments can select candidates to interview.​​

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