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Curbside Green Organics Collection

This program provides a new large, tan container for your yard waste, such as grass clippings, twigs, branches and shrubs.  This program is perfect for households that have weekly landscaping maintenance and/or own large properties.  The additional monthly fee for the Green Organics Collection program will be $5 a month per tan container requested.

The following materials SHOULD NOT be placed in the Green Organics container as these materials contaminate the green organics load and make them unusable for mulching and repurposing: bags, treated or painted wood, trash and food waste, and recyclables.

Please note: The Green Organics Curbside Collection program will be offered to residents in phases.  Residents with both curbside and alley trash collection are eligible to participate. 

Find out if your household is part of the Green Organics Phase 1.

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Save as You Reduce and Recycle (SAY R&R)

This program offers residents that currently have curbside trash pick-up service the option to downsize their current large trash container to a medium trash container for a monthly savings of $3 on their solid waste services bill. 

A medium trash container has the capacity to hold four full, 13-gallon kitchen trash bags, versus a large trash container that can hold five full kitchen trash bags. 

Customers are required to have curbside trash collection and be enrolled in the city's recycling program before they can sign up for the SAY R&R program.  Delivery of your new medium container is estimated to be delivered between one to seven days.

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