Request to Temporarily Cover 'Resident Permit Parking Only' Signs

I am having a large gathering at my residence and request to temporarily cover the �Resident Permit Parking Only� signs to provide parking for my guests. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify all residents who will be affected by the parking. I also understand that it is my responsibility to cover and uncover the signs to correspond with the dates and times listed below. Plastic bags or a covering made from similar material is recommended. If tape is necessary, the tape should not be posted to the sign. Street Transportation Staff will contact me prior to the date of my gathering to notify me whether or not my request has been approved. If approved, Street Transportation Staff will notify the Police Department to refrain from issuing tickets during the gathering.  Submit Request​ Form.​
Remind guests that they are prohibited from parking;

  • within 15� of fire hydrants
  • within 15� of driveways
  • within 30� of intersections