On-Street Parking Zones

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Illustration of No Parking street signOn-Street Parking Zones are installed as requested by residents (along with neighborhood support) for areas experiencing heavy intruder parking in front of their homes or businesses. Intruder parking is defined as vehicles that are non-resident, and are often times caused by high traffic destinations.

On-Street Parking Zones can also be installed for business owners that are experiencing intruder parking in front of their establishments.

Once residents have agreed to create an On-Street Parking Zone, the police department can enforce vehicles that are illegally parked.

What is the process to have an On-Street Parking Zone created?

  • Once the neighborhood has expressed interest in the program, a petition form is created by the Street Department and sent to the requestor.
  • The petition form will include a map with the proposed location of the On-Street Parking Zone.
  • If desired, residents can determine the specific hours No Parking will be in effect.
  • 100% of the residents living within the area must sign the petition.
  • Zones begin from corners/intersections and must be contiguous.  On-Street Parking Zones cannot “skip” properties. See image below.
  • The original petition form must be returned in person or mailed to:                
  • City of Phoenix – Street Transportation
    On-Street Parking Zone
    200 West Washington, 6th Floor
    Phoenix, AZ 85003  
  • Once the petition is returned, verified, and meets the requirements; signs will be installed.  This typically takes up to 90 days or more from receipt of the petition.
  • Police are notified of the new On-Street Parking Zone for enforcement purposes.

Are there any negative impacts to these signs?
Yes.  Some of the disadvantages include:

  • On-Street Parking Zones apply to ALL vehicles, including those owned by residents and their guests.
  • No Parking signs are installed at specific places determined by the Streets and Police Department to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Overgrown vegetation in front of homes may need to be trimmed (or possibly removed) to provide clear visibility of the signs.
  • Typically, signs are located at property lines; and spaced 150-200 feet apart.

Who can sign the petition?

  • Property owners, renters, or business operators can sign the petition.  However, renters and operators are responsible for notifying the property owners of the On-Street Parking Zone.
  • Apartment complex managers can sign the petition, however, they are required to notify all tenants of the new On-Street Parking Zone.

Can an On-Street Parking Zone be Removed?
Yes.  The process to remove an On-Street Parking Zone is similar to the process to create one. 100% of the residents living within the Zone must sign a petition to remove the restrictions. As with their creation, Zone removal must be contiguous beginning from corners/intersections.



Illustration of allowed parking 


Illustration of disallowed parking: Non-contiguous on-street parking zone.

For more information, contact the Neighborhood Traffic and Parking Specialist at 602-495-5463 or 602-262-6284.