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Mission: To educate the community on the importance of trees while providing assistance for the proper planting and care of tree



In 2010, the City of Phoenix adopted the Tree and Shade Master Plan that laid out the vision of a healthier, more livable and prosperous Phoenix through investment in the urban forest.

Citizen Foresters advocate for trees by promoting best practices regarding proper tree planting and maintenance techniques, while supporting community efforts to achieve tree and shade canopy goals.

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Elizabeth Planas

City of Phoenix, AmeriCorps VISTA





Trees clean the air by absorbing pollutants in the air. They also shade cars and parking lots, reducing ozone emissions from vehicles.




Citizen Forester - Pruning Forester - PruningDesert West Park - 6602 W Encanto Blvd2/8/2020 3:00:00 PM2/8/2020 5:00:00 PMGP0|#022f3b36-9dfd-4662-a9e4-a7530ef71fa6;L0|#0022f3b36-9dfd-4662-a9e4-a7530ef71fa6|Volunteer;GTSet|#517b07ab-dd83-4937-994c-c703834583f1;GPP|#c91454cd-5b28-4d66-bc01-17d32298aa9b ​Classroom style presentation by the Parks Department Forestry Specialist and Citizen Forester on tree pruning techniques. Workshop is concluded with a hands on tree activity and planting. Please remember We will be planting a tree! Wear closed toe shoes and sun protective outerwear. Don't forget to stay hydrated, bring a water bottle! Click HERE to sign up!

More Citizen Forester events to come. Check back this Fall!

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Use our Community Tree Shade Blueprint to prepare for your community planting.


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