Festivals Grant



$1,000 - $3,500

Curre​​nt Awards


Arts and Culture Organization with or without nonprofit status; Those not applying for a General Operating Grant I or II​​​


March ​30, 2017


Staff Contact

Ashley Hare
Arts Learning Program Director

Artists collage

​Goals of the Festivals Grant

Festival Project grants focus support for Phoenix-based festivals which are open to the general public and advance, preserve, present or celebrate:

  • one or more art or cultural forms or a genre within an art form (e.g. Music, Dance, Theatre, Film); or multi-disciplinary art forms that are the cultural or traditional expressions of diverse populations, including but not limited to communities originating in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Pacific Islands, and Australia.


At the time of submission, your organization must: 
  • Proposed a festival project that takes place within the City of Phoenix
  • Be in good standing concerning all contract agreements with the City of Phoenix
  • As an organization, have a mission that focuses solely on arts and culture
  • Be registered as a non-profit arts organization with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code OR Apply with a Fiscal Agent that has tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Fiscal agent must also be an arts organization in the city of Phoenix. 
  • The proposed project must begin no earlier than July 1, 2017 and end no later than June 30, 2018

Not Eligible to Apply: Presenting Organizations; Schools; Community-Based Organizations; Local Arts Agencies; Rental Facilities; Colleges and Universities; city departments (and their support organizations); Arts Service Organizations. 

​Although not eligible to apply for direct funding, the above organizations may be able to participate as a project partner with an eligible applicant organization. 

Matching Your Grant

Any requested amount must be matched dollar for dollar.   For example, if your project has a total budget of $6,000, you can a request a $3,000 grant, and will need to raise the $3,000 matching cash, other grants, etc. In-kind donations cannot be used for your match. Matching funds do not need to be in hand at the time of application, but your grant application must to provide specific information about the matching funds. If your seeking additional funds for your project, please contact our office for a list of resources.

Finding a Fiscal Agent

Organizations that do not have 501c3 status are eligible to apply in the Arts Learning and Festivals grant categories using a Fiscal Agent. Fiscal agent must meet eligibility requirements. An arts organization serving as fiscal agent does not sacrifice its own eligibility for grant support. A signed MOU (for our in-office use only) must be signed by both partners and sent back to our office at the time of the grant deadline.

For assistances finding a Fiscal Agent or questions on the MOU form, please contact the grant categories main staff contact. 


Funds may be used for artists fees, honoraria for project partners directly involved in the project, travel stipends, marketing, space rental fees, festival supplies, and production expenses.   

Funds may not be used for fiscal sponsor administration costs, staff salaries or hourly wage, research studies, capital expenditures, reduction of organizational/personal debts, lobbying/political expenses, re-granting, scholarship programs, memberships or dues, programs, projects and/or events not accessible to the general public, or to people with disabilities.

Funds may not be used for partnering with a school during school hours (classroom residencies, field trips, etc.). Organizations may partner with a school during out of school time. 

The city of Phoenix cannot legally fund applications from organizations incorporated for religious purposes or organizations affiliated with religious organizations.