Grants Process Timetable


Before Grant Deadline: Schedule a review of draft application with Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture staff if you would like assistance with your proposal.

January 2017: Grant Guidelines and Applications are made available on the website

January - February 2017: Orientation Meetings held for interested applicants

March 30, 2017: Final deadline for submission of all category grant applications.

​April/May 2017: The Grant Review Panel​ will meet to review and evaluate the applications. The panel is comprised of members of the Arts and Culture Commission and community members (business leaders, educators, artists and arts administrators) each representing different points of view and various cultural orientations. The grant Review Panel ranks the applications using established evaluation criteria.

Mid June 2017: Phoenix Arts and Culture commissioners will meet to review applications, review public input and make funding recommendations.

Late June 2017: A Subcommittee of the Phoenix City Council will meet to review and approve the Arts and Culture Commission's grant funding recommendations.  

July 2017: The Phoenix City Council will meet to review and approve the grant funding recommendations and award grant funds.

Late July 2017: Notification letters will be mailed to all applicant organizations.