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Cirrus Circus​​​



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ARTIST:  George Peters   
DATE:   1997
LOCATION:  Desert Sage Library, 7602 W. Encanto Blvd.
TYPE:   Sculpture
MATERIALS:   Mixed Media
BUDGET:   $35,000
ZIP CODE:  ​85035​

​Cirrus Circus is an aerial sculpture intended to invoke lightness, movement, flight, curved space and elegant simplicity.  The forms are inspired by the shapes of the high-altitude crystal clouds and the colors of dawn and dusk upon them.

The work consists of over 40 kite-like forms suspended from the ceiling in the central reception area of the new library.  The pieces are made from a lightweight, durable window screen fabric.  The forms are positioned in the space so that light from the building's large north windows will illuminate the subtle transparencies inherent in the fabric and the applied colorings.  The work will define the central reception area and provide an inviting directional element to the children's section of the library.

Like gazing at slowly shifting clouds, library visitors will see shapes that suggest leaves, canoes, cocoons, bird wings, feathers, kites, sails and bridges.  The overall effect of the work will be to lighten the overhead space with soft color and provide a quiet sense in the space for study and daydreaming.