​​...an ongoing urban gallery

7th Ave multi

​This project is the result of a remarkable partnership among the Seventh Avenue Merchants Association (SAMA), Arizona State University School of Architecture, local neighborhood associations, City of Phoenix Departments of Street Transportation and Neighborhood Services, and the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture.  The project links the commercial businesses with neighborhood life to create a revitalized, pedestrian-friendly public space.

Project highlights include sidewalk enhancements, distinctive crosswalks, landscaping, and innovative shade canopies with seating and integrated panels for ongoing art displays.  The art features are an essential part of these amenities and provide a changing street-side gallery for neighborhood residents and passersby.


The three large panels not only function as shade walls, but the translucent panels are double-sided and backlit, creating six light boxes for art and poetry.   

The artwork and poetry (poetry was added in 2008), submitted by the artists and poets at the time of application, is chosen by a public selection process.  The original works are then translated into high quality reproductions, which are installed in the panels.  In this changing urban gallery, new artists will be commissioned to produce work on an ongoing basis, with panels remaining on display for approximately one year. 

To date, commissions for the Streetscape Panels have been available only to Arizona artists who have never received a public art commission from the city of Phoenix.  This allows emerging artists and poets, as well as those new to public art, to receive both experience and exposure for their work, and helps to create a more dynamic visual experience for citizens.