​​​​​​​​Mesquite Branch Library




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ARTIST:   Lewis Alquist
DATE:   1999, 2000
LOCATION:  Mesquite Branch Library, 4525 Paradise Village Parkway North
TYPE:   Building
BUDGET:   $45,322
ZIP CODE​​​:  85032​​​​

Whorlpath - The outdoor reading area of the library is an enclosed garden with a terrazzo patio.  The patio features a spiral pathway of ultramarine blue disks winding inward on a yellow ochre field.  Alquist says “The disks get smaller as they wind towards the center, implying a compression of time and energy.  If you follow this inward coiling path at a steady pace you may feel like you are speeding up as you close in on the center, but in fact you are only compressing your walking energy into a smaller and smaller circle.  The reverse occurs when you unwind.  The spiral is a very old symbol.  We can see it in ancient petroglyphs throughout the southwest.  The meaning of these symbols is lost to us in the white noise of anonymous history.  For me,  it is the perfect symbol of time and entropy.  It implies the infinite.  Starting at an infinitely compacted center of compressed energy, it unwinds and diffuses itself out over a greater and greater distance with each revolution.  There is no end to its unwinding.  There is always one more revolution diffusing that intense core over a greater distance." 

Mesquite Branch – As visitors approach the library they are greeted by a mesquite leaf pattern that is projected on the entry walkway.  The 22' long by 9' wide image automatically appears during the evening hours when the library is open.