PHXteens - Castles N' CoastersPHXteens - Castles N' CoastersParks and Recreation<div class="ExternalClass066FF6808D394B33B26DB46ABE986112"><p>Teens will depart from <a href="/phxteens">PHXteens</a> sites and be transported to <a href="">Castles N' Coasters</a>. The amusement park features outdoor miniature golf courses, rides and an indoor video game arcade.<br></p><p>This is a <a href="/phxteens">PHXteens</a> all site meet-up, check with your local <a href="/phxteens">PHXteens</a> site to sign up.<br></p></div>11/10/2018 7:00:00 PM11/10/2018 11:00:00 PMJohn-Mark Shea, PHXteens602-534-5238Field trip from PHXteens sites Teens will depart from PHXteens sites and be transported to Castles N' Coasters. The amusement park features outdoor miniature golf courses, rides and an indoor video game arcade. This is a PHXteens all site meet-up, check with your local PHXteens site to sign up.